Reggae and Refugees

Victoria Cubera

On Friday, December 1st at the Palace Theater in downtown Hamilton, Colgate is playing host to Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

A reggae group hailing from Sierra Leone, the band members of the Refugee All Stars fled to the Republic of Guinea in order to escape the decade-long civil war ravaging their native country. Their personal experiences with civil turmoil and war are reflected in their music, music also heavily influenced by “goombay”, the popular traditional musical style of Sierra Leone.

Combining the elements of guitar, percussion, mouth organ and “kongroma”- a traditional Sierra Leonean instrument-with vocal harmonies and rap overlays, the Refugee All Stars produce lively music conscious of social justice that encourages dancing as much as it discourages war.

Doors open at 8 p.m. Colgate IDs or guest passes will be required, in accordance with new Palace Theater policy.

Tickets for the concert are available in the Coop this week for five dollars. At the event, ticket prices will be seven dollars.

Proceeds from the event will go to the International Rescue Committee for world refugee relief.