Minus the City: A Box of Chocolates

Victoria Cubera

Relationships in college are tricky business. Like Forrest Gump’s description of life, people can be like that box of chocolates; you never quite know what you’re going to get. Colgate collects its student sample from all over the world and then throws us into the college blender to intermingle. The diverse range of passion and ability on campus makes finding someone with similar interests easy, especially if they’re on Facebook.

Throw in the fact that Colgate is ranked as one of the most physically fit in the nation, and the faces aren’t bad either, and you get a college atmosphere highly conducive to romantic interaction.

Well, maybe. Going back to the chocolate theory, people can surprise you with what they’re looking for. There are those who just want a hook-up, plain and simple. One night, no commitment. You might think of these as the chocolate-covered cherries; easy to find; low risk of allergic reaction; one bite, and they’re gone.

Related to these are the coconuts. A lot of people don’t really like the coconut-filled chocolates. Comparable to high-maintenance types of personalities, they tend to be polarizing. Either you’ll take them or you won’t.

Peanut butter and chocolate combinations bring to mind those playful, fun relationships where the flirtation isn’t anything serious, but still, the content is definitely enjoyable. This is a friendly sort of concoction, and like peanut butter, these people will stick with you.

Then there are the caramel-filled chocolates. One of the more decadent confectionary treats, you know you want them, but if you actually get involved with this type of relationship, it’s going to get messy. It might be a clingy ex-boyfriend or your parents that hate you or a difference in age, but there’s something about this relationship that’s going to get sticky. Just like caramel. You know what you’re getting into; you just don’t want to stop because you like the flavor. There is something about them you just cannot resist.

Every so often though, you need something mellower. They are the chocolate-covered mints, and could be just the refresher you need after a very bad experience with a coconut. Regardless, these are the people who will linger with you, even after you move on, because they cleanse the palate. The mints don’t cause problems; they just offer support whenever they can. You might think of them as the best friend of the chocolate world.

And then you have the pure chocolate truffles. Whether they’re milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, these bonbons are consistent the whole way through. This type is relationship material. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these in the box, savor it. Too often this kind is overlooked in favor of something flashier or more exotic, like raspberry puree or champagne cream, both of which clearly have vanity issues. Holding out for the truffles is one of the better love life decisions you can make. Bon appetit.