Minus the City – Better Sex 101

Remember back in high school when watching a movie was code for: Let’s spend two and a half hours making out on the couch in the basement hoping Mom doesn’t come downstairs “with refreshments”? The days of missing the climax (or first scene) of every movie ended at the orientation of everyone’s first year at college. It’s not news that students at Colgate are sexually active, but the mostly innocent days of sober making out have become obsolete.

Of course there are exceptions; this is not directed toward those gentlemen in relationships. For the rest of you Colgate boys, however, hooking up sober somehow equates to a marriage proposal.

The bottom line: we don’t get it. Let’s take drunken hook-ups, for example: you probably hardly know the person, the sex is mediocre at best and the next morning, your bedmate is rarely as attractive as the night before (if you remember them at all).

Sure, sober sexual encounters can be daunting at first: they signify premeditation and an obvious motive. Additionally, you can’t plead the fifth with, “I was blackout. I don’t know what happened.” But seriously guys, isn’t the intent of having better sex worth the nervous butterflies? Furthermore, it’s probably less awkward in the morning because you both remember what happened and know that it was consensual.

We can take baby steps with this one: you’re dancing with a cute girl at the Jug and end up going home together. Assuming you wake up and you’re not laying next to your best friend’s ex-girlfriend (and you had a good time), it is perfectly acceptable to ask for her number. Men seem to have a preconceived notion that by asking for a girl’s number, they are setting the date for the upcoming July wedding. In reality, it offers the possibility to hang out with the cute, fun girl again. However, if you don’t have the balls to ask for her number, it is perfectly acceptable to get her screen name off Facebook.

Following the weekend’s festivities, it is not at all abnormal to call or IM a girl you’ve hooked up with just to hang out or even make history repeat itself. In the same token, don’t take a girl’s phone call as “the grand gesture.” In reality, she may be looking for the same thing.

With all due respect, you boys have it easy. Colgate girls have little to no expectations when it comes to the hook-up follow-up. If you put any effort at all in her while sober, you will gain respect and appreciation (translation: you will score).

In conclusion, we’re not asking you to call every girl you drunkenly make out with at a frat house. All we’re saying is that if you like her or think she’s crazy hot, don’t be afraid to give her a call. No one will think less of you and you have nothing to lose, but potentially good if not better sex to gain.