Minus the City: Bringin’ Sex Week Back

Aside from some scantily-clad women (and sometimes men) celebrating pre-Halloween, Halloween and post-Halloween fun, Colgate’s annual Sex Week has been less-than-sexy. Although there are posters and signs up at the COOP, this weeklong celebration of sexuality should make more of a squirt with the student body, no pun intended.

Last year at this time, the campus was swarmed with “I Heart Female Orgasm,” pins and shirts. Even those who attended the lecture as a way to pre-game late night festivities learned something. This year, however, there has been a dearth of information. Sex week seems to be as obsolete as stylized ponchos.

This lack of discourse on sexuality is a missed opportunity for both entertainment and education. In addition to the amusing, yet helpful, issues of advice between the sheets, there have also been numerous medical advancements as well as the important subject of body issues and contraceptives that remain untouched.

For example, this year, Colgate’s Student Health Services received the Human Pamplona Virus vaccine. This vaccine immunizes women for HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. Additionally, Plan B, the Emergency Contraceptive Pill, formerly known as the Morning After Pill, is available over the counter. Though the Health Center has made efforts to pass out information on the HPV vaccine, Sex Week could have been the perfect forum for further discussion.

Furthermore, the fact that certain groups on campus protested a speaker is noteworthy. Best-selling author, Tariq Nasheed, was scheduled to speak about “The Art of Mackin’,” at some point during the week. The main reason offered for the cancellation of the event was that some students viewed him as sexist. The fact that someone is too blunt for some students to handle should not be adequate grounds for complete dismissal of an issue. Sex Week is motivated by discussion. Beneficial discourse would be impossible without hearing multiple points of view on a subject.

In terms of multiple perspectives, Yale University has it down to an art. Sex Week at Yale is filled with speakers breaching subjects such as the booty call, homosexuality and religion, dating and even stripteases. Last year, the speakers included dating experts, New York Times bestsellers, a former Catholic priest and, even, Tariq Nasheed.

Although Colgate’s budget and program are less expansive than Yale’s, the prude and pretentious Ivy Leaguers seem to have their legs around our shoulders. The program at Yale could provide a great model for Sex Week at Colgate.

Maybe we don’t need fellatio lessons from Jenna Jameson, but Sex Week is the perfect opportunity for students to receive answers to questions on all issues relating to sexuality. We all love talking about sex; here’s an excuse to spend a week straight talking about it. For our part, we’ll work on bringin’ sexy back.