Women’s Lacrosse Preview

Cailyn Reilly

As the Fall season come to an end and winter sports begin to gather momentum, thoughts of sports fans begin to turn to Bowl Games, the Super Bowl, and for some diehard NCAA hoops fans, we even begin to hear whispers of March Madness. But let us not forget that somewhere in between the end of pro football and the termination of Hamilton’s infamous snow season, the Division I spring season is taking place, and by February, Colgate’s “spring” sports teams are already focusing on their approaching competitions. Though at Colgate I’m sure we’d all much rather cheer on a sweaty performance in Cottrell Court than risk frostbite at the February 17th Women’s Lacrosse season opener at Tyler’s Field, I’d encourage you to think twice before donning tennis shoes over your Uggs, and here’s why:

The Women’s Lacrosse team looks good this year; actually, from where I’m sitting, they look very good, and I guarantee you that come April and the Patriot League Tournament, you’re going to wish you had been there on February 17th to see the crystallization of my prediction. Some might compare this year’s young team to the 2004 team that not only hosted the Patriot League tournament (and in doing so converted the many Colgate students who had been lured to Tyler’s Field by rumors of kegs and cases behind the hill to fans), but also became the first Women’s Lacrosse team in Colgate’s history to advance to the NCAA Division I tournament. Both the 2004 team and this year’s team were equally green; bottom-heavy, this year’s team boasts 10 freshmen, including Amanda Gurin, a walk-on goalie of six weeks, and nine sophomores, led by first-year starter Molly Carroll and significant point-contributors Maddie Kearns, who has spent the past semester on the DL, recovering from summer ankle surgery, and Ashley Didio.

The 2004 team was led by one junior and one senior, and this year’s upperclassmen leadership is only slightly more bolstered; the junior class is comprised of two-year starter Jessica Van der Meulen, and sophomore-transfer Lindsay Pittard, who spent the majority of last season out with a serious rotator cuff injury. If Jess can manage to stay on her feet and if Pittard can keep her shoulders healthy, the combination will to contribute to a menacing attack. The senior class is led by tri-captains Tara Casey, Nancy Hickling, and Kate Metevia, who have all played central defensive roles for the past two years, and have weathered the retirement of five of their classmates and an entire coaching staff in the past year.

When I say that this season is not to be missed, I mean it. If history repeats itself, then this team will prevail. The youth, dedication, and the leftover vengeance from last year’s stolen title will drive this year’s success, just as these factors did in 2004. Under the new coaching staff of Heather Bliss, Jo Mooney, and Karrie Moore, I predict that the 2007 team’s potential will become reality this April, and I look forward to seeing it materialize beginning February 17th. Remember to wear your Uggs.