Movie News and Reviews: The Marine

Megan Niziol

The Marine adequately met expectations; it is the complete opposite of a chick flick. If you’re hanging out with the guys and desperate for some hard-core manliness, this movie could be the fix you’re looking for. If not, it probably won’t do much for you. What else could one expect from a movie produced by the legendary Vince McMahon, co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment, and starring WWE wrestler John Cena, other than a movie that is basically a full-length WWE fight with changing settings and a plot line? Nonetheless, if you’re in the mood for a super-human buff hero, gunfights, fistfights, explosions, cheesy tough-guy one-liners, and a Marilyn Monroe-esque damsel in distress, you won’t be disappointed.

The movie begins by letting the viewers know that John’s character is so insanely manly, heroic and tough that even the army can’t handle him: he was discharged for rescuing fellow soldiers from al Qaeda members despite orders not to. So he returns home to his gorgeous wife Kate, played by Kelly Carlson, for the brief but obligatory man-movie hot sex scene. The two run into a group of diamond hoisters at the gas station and they take Kate hostage, from there on out, the movie is one long chase scene. It has great fast moving shoot-outs, slow motion escapes from danger, car chases and even a chick fight. The rest of the movie could have been cut down to a ten minute chase scene.

Despite its typical and unrealistic storyline, this movie is useful for satisfying the craving to watch something completely noncreative.