Colgate Couture: The Right Kind of Romance

Katie Zarrella

Romance? At Colgate? Impossible. It’s a well-known fact that while Colgate’s campus is the perfect place for a fun fling, the chances of finding a soul mate are about one in 2,750. If you’re looking for love, you’d best look somewhere else, like Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive or maybe even on-line. You probably won’t stumble upon your dream date but you are sure to fall in love with this season’s romantic fashions. Fall’s frills, poet blouses and lace frocks just have Romeo and Juliet written all over them, so forget about the boys and bring some romance to ‘Gate with fall fashion.

The blouse is arguably the romance trend’s most eligible bachelor. With billowing sleeves, standing collars and whimsical ruffles, blouses are softening slender pencil skirts and slacks. Shakespeare surely would have written a sonnet about Zac Posen’s umbrella blouse. This sharp shirt in white or blue puts a crisp modern spin on the romantic look. Long, airy poet sleeves are exaggerated by the blouse’s tight banded cuffs and tailored fit. Crowned with a dramatic point collar, the umbrella blouse is elegant and edgy.

Dolce & Gabbana put their own spin on the poet blouse by adding frills to a masculine look. The Italian designer duo pairs a ruffled white and grey-striped blouse with a one-button stretch wool vest. Ruffles on the high collar, front and sleeves of the blouse peek out from underneath the more masculine vest, making it seem as though this chic combo were made for a princess in disguise. Poet and ruffled blouses can be black-tie or worn with jeans, but stay away from busy bottoms or you’ll end up looking like a jester.

Derek Lamb’s ruffled blouse and circle skirt will sweep you off your feet. These pieces can be worn as separates, but Lamb’s cream blouse and long flutter hem skirt are a match made in heaven. While this blouse’s high ruffled neck and button placket may sound similar to other romantic styles, Lamb transforms his top from sweet to sexy with cut-in shoulders and a blouson bodice. Pair it with the nicely coordinated, free-flowing skirt and you have nothing less than a fashion fairytale come true.

Nothing says romance like a dreamy dress. Made of satin, silk and lace, fall’s Romantic dresses are every woman’s fantasy. Monique Lhuillier’s knee-length lace tuxedo dress is absolutely enchanting. Everything about this dress, from its black silk slip to its delicate, detailed lace, is sophisticated and sultry. Showing just a hint of the shoulders and arms, the three-quarter-sleeve lace overlay is incredibly intricate. Belled only at the bottom, the sleeves compliment the layers of lace at the collar and trail of ruffles that extends down the front of the bodice. Finished off with a luxurious black velvet belt, Lhuillier’s exquisite dress is a frock fit for a queen.

If you’re looking to have a more casual relationship with your clothes, Michael Kors is your knight in shining armor. Kors’ satin jersey dress is simple and practical, yet manages to hold onto this season’s fanciful style. The knee-length dress’s banded empire waist, slim poet sleeves and scoop neck make it a mix of modern and medieval. An easy wear for day or night, Michael Kors’ dress will definitely delight any damsel in distress.

Why sit around waiting for Prince Charming? You’ll just get frustrated trying to make him understand your sophisticated sense of style. Fashion is your fairy godmother, so let her cast a spell on you with this fall’s romantic styles.