The Resos Rock the Barge



Zoe Gordon

On Friday October 21st the Barge Canal Coffee Shop was full of warm, waiting bodies. The event’s supposed starting time had come and gone; like any popular concert, the main act was late. When the Colgate Resolutions-one of four a cappella groups on campus-finally arrived, they took their loud, praising welcome rather modestly. Nerves were certainly present on some members’ faces, but after the first song, the singers in the Resolutions settled down and preformed like the talented and well-respected group of singers they are and delivered a commendable eight-song set.

Senior Musical Director Dane Hoyt and vocal percussionist junior Adam Coccari acted as bookends for the group by providing stable leadership, direction and enthusiasm. Slowly but steadily all the Resolutions began to pick up the infectious passion of their leaders. With the help of soloists sophomore Lyle Payne Morgan, senior Dan Jedell, sophomore Julia Baron and sophomore Jonathon Miller-Meeks, the Resolutions demonstrated their competence as a gifted a cappella group. It was agreed upon nearly unanimously by the group that their favorite song from the concert was “Running to Stand Still,” by U2, preformed by Senior Dan Jedell. Other notable songs were: “King of Wishful Thinking,” “Hey Jealousy” and “Every Little Thing (She Does is Magic),” for sing-a-long capability, if nothing else.

A few glitches occasionally disturbed the harmony, including forgetting the words and falling off the beat. In some ways, it was to be expected from such a busy, aspirational group. The Resolutions are diligently producing a CD that should be ready for the holidays, preparing a completely different concert for Parents Weekend, and juggling their lives as Colgate students all at once.

The general sentiment, from both listeners and Resolutions alike, was that the concert went well. Group members shared a general relief for the final product because of the large amount of other material and work they were dealing with.

“The concert went pretty well, especially since we have been working so hard on other material,” Hoyt said. “The Barge concert was a nice way to get some extra practice, and to switch things up from our busy practice schedule.” Students generally did not notice the minuscule flaws and critiques the group had of themselves and were rather in awe of the talent.

“They did a good job for their first concert,” first-year Lizzie Ellis said. “I am really looking forward to seeing them on Parents Weekend.”

Aside from a small performance outside the Palace Theater, last Friday’s performance at the Barge was the first time the Resolutions were able to show off their new group members. The group inevitably changes year-to-year, adding new members and losing talented and acclimated old members. This year, four first-year girls and one sophomore boy were inducted into the group with a great deal of excitement.

“It is always fun to watch younger Resos bring new things to the group,” senior Business Director Max Michael said. “They have definitely already brought an infectious excitement to the whole bunch of us.”

One of the best features of the concert was the way in which all twenty-three members of the group came together seamlessly. New members were not distinct from the rest.

“It really feels like a family,” first-year and self-proclaimed “newbie” Amanda Katz said. “Everyone is warm and accepting. I know the other four newbies and I feel welcomed. We are actively part of the group.” Not even two months into the school year, Katz expressed the same emotional attachment held by most of the Resolutions. Most members mention “family” when describing the best part of the a cappella group.

“I look forward to every rehearsal just to hang out and sing for a couple of hours…with some of the most fun, unique and amazing people I know at Colgate,” Hoyt said. “It is nice to have a family outside of your normal group of friends.”

“We aren’t just a group that sings together three times a week, we’re definitely more of a family,” Michael added. “I have best friends in the group from when I was a freshman, as well as best friends who are freshmen now.”

The Colgate Resolutions family was united in pride and talent on Friday night. Although every song may not have been perfectly memorized and harmonious, the crowd’s emotional reaction to the group, and the group members’ energized interplay was contagious. On a cold Friday night, the Barge filled up with students waiting for a cappella. Nearly an hour later, everyone filtered out into the wind smiling. The Resolutions were worth the wait.