Support Colgate Alumni

ure you should have an opportunity to write an editorial in your Alma Mater’s newspaper and you’re going to deride the actions of valued Colgate alumni, could you just not do it? In last week’s edition of this paper a letter written by recent alumnus Andrew Berkowitz ’01 was published. In that letter he discussed how he was embarrassed by the fact that recent movie release Beerfest was written, directed and produced by Colgate alumni. He was also upset that their relation to Colgate was mentioned repeatedly in the press. He was kind enough to share with us his opinion that because the film depicts scenes of drinking and partying, that the general public would get the impression that Colgate is a school “where white people spend four years getting drunk.” As a Colgate student and alumnus, and acquaintances of the proud alums in Broken Lizard, we are frustrated by this article. Berkowitz admits he never saw the movie, yet goes so far as to put its creators on blast in the Maroon-News? Well we’ve got some news for you, Berkowitz: Colgate students drink beer, some more than others, and students at a lot of other colleges drink beer, too. We know this, our fraternity brothers know this and everyone else knows this as well; it’s nothing new, nor is it a secret. We’ll tell you something else: the alums in Broken Lizard are truly an inspiration to us all. In college, they pursued their true passion, comedy, and started an improvisation group that still brings laughter to Colgate today (Charred Goosebeak). Then, after graduation, they turned this passion that Colgate helped to nurture into a successful career. They didn’t ‘sell out’ to a job they hated, they struggled to live their dream and through hard work and determination they succeeded. It took them 10 years to get their first studio picture released in theaters (Super Troopers), a full five years after the completion of their first independent movie (Puddle Cruiser). There are not many among us who would work to pursue a pipe dream for more than nine years, enduring countless door slamming and a constant risk of complete failure. Amen to Broken Lizard for being a real success story that makes each and every Colgate student proud and though you seem to disagree, Mr. Berkowitz, we are damn glad they are still proud of Colgate.