Minus the City: Girl Flirting

It’s Wednesday night and the Jug is quickly getting crowded. Justin Timberlake’s, “Sexyback,” sounds through the speakers. Student A greets Derek at the door and walks over to the bar side. At the bar sits the very attractive Student B, sporting a black Lacoste polo and tailored slacks. Student A approaches Student B, and compliments Student B on the stylish outfit. The two embrace, greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. Student A buys a round of shots and then gestures toward the dance floor. The couple dance together suggestively and are later seen entering the bathroom together. Student A and Student B are both female.

Okay, four days of sorority recruitment has put “girl flirting” on our minds this past week. Women seem to have the innate ability to flatter and compliment the same sex without having any intention of hooking up. Men, on the other hand, would never kiss one another on the cheek and say, “Love you. Call you later,” as a valediction. Can you imagine two guys getting ready together, checking each other out in front of a floor length mirror while saying, “Wow, your ass looks great in those jeans.” Furthermore, it would be considered taboo for (American) men to kiss each other on the cheek, ask if an outfit is fattening or even say, “I love you.” Such actions are not only appropriate, but also encouraged in most women’s daily and nightly routines.

Girl flirting does not end with affectionate verbalisms, though. Dress is an integral factor. For example, women do not wear expensive jeans because they think men will know the difference between Sevens and Paiges. We would never expect a boyfriend to be able to tell the difference between a Longchamps book bag and a Herv?e Chapelier. These status symbols are truly meant for other women to notice.

The truth is, girl flirting can be incredibly superficial. After four days of flirting with sophomore girls trying to obtain bids from different sororities on campus, we’ve become expert at spotting fakers; girls who compliment other girls in order to further their positions on the social ladder. There is an immense difference between flirting and sucking up. For example, name-dropping throughout a conversation embodies the opposite effect that girl flirting should have. Girl flirting should be a mechanism through which women can increase self-confidence without the aid of men.

In fact, when we heard that the Jug had to close early on Saturday night due to a brawl ensuing between two fraternities, we immediately created a hypothetical situation. Do you think bars would close if the Breast Cancer Awareness Council and the Women’s Studies Brown Bag were the only groups downtown?

The reality of college life is that women are generally more openly affectionate than men. As a result, flirting with other women can often be a more gratifying way to acquire the attention we deserve. If we’re going to spend an hour getting ready only to receive an invitation to play in Brothers’ Beirut and then dance with some guy who has absolutely no rhythm (not to mention the wandering hands), we’d rather flirt with girls any day of the week.