Home is Coming to Me

Home is Coming to Me

Brittany Messenger

Homecoming weekend brings many things to the Colgate campus: esteemed alumni, an opportunity to tailgate and, in my case, a rather large chunk of my extended family.

This coming weekend, on top of partying in a parking lot and playing a game of rugby in a “hideously beautiful” prom dress, I will be entertaining my mom, dad, brother, Pop Pop, Gammy, aunt, uncle and three boy cousins ranging in ages from nine to 16.

When I tell people about the Messenger family overload that will be taking place in less than two days, their reactions typically range from “Aw! That’s so sweet” to “Why would you ever let all of those people come up here?!” To be quite honest, I really don’t know.

At first, it really didn’t seem like a bad idea to me. My family is a lot of fun. My Aunt Katie has apparently been looking forward to this tailgate for months and my dad will definitely fit right in due to the fact that even at the age of 42, he remains the quintessential college guy, beer belly and all (just kidding, Daddy!).

I see this as the perfect opportunity to get a piece of the Colgate Inn’s Tollhouse Cookie Pie that everyone has been raving about and spend some quality time with the people that mean the most to me.

Now that I’ve been on this campus for a little over a month, however, my mindset may have slightly shifted. I really cannot wait to see my family, yet I dread the awkward conversations and encounters that I know will be taking place.

Mom: So do you love it?

Me: Yes, Mom, I love it. I’ve never felt more at home anywhere in the world.

Mom: Well, of course, you feel more at home at our home with me and the rest of your family, right?!

Me: Yes, Mommy, Colgate is definitely my second home. My first home will always be with you.

Mom: Well, for 43 thousand a year in tuition, it better be a pretty close second! Turn around for me. Have you put on weight?

Aunt Katie: Stop it, Elaine. She looks fab. You look fab, Britt.

Dad: I don’t want her looking too “fab.” It’s ok if you put on a little weight, honey, it will keep the boys away. Here, have a drink.

Mom: Nice, Steve, really nice…giving our daughter a drink. Speaking of boys, though, have you met any interesting ones?

I really don’t know why my mom incessantly refers to boys here as “interesting.” Call me shallow, but I’m not really looking for some guy to show me his collection of Lord of the Rings memorabilia on a Saturday night.

Awkward conversations are not the only thing I have to look forward to this Homecoming weekend. There is still the inevitable

investigation of my dorm room, a thorough evaluation of my study habits and the forced answer of why I didn’t want my mom to surprise me with a visit the Sunday morning after Beta Beach.

I guess there really isn’t too much I can do about this clashing of my two separate worlds. Although this experience may be a little overwhelming, you cannot help but find it endearing that my family would travel all that distance just to visit.

So if you happen to see the Messenger family tailgate, stop by, meet the family and have a drink. And guys, if my dad tells you to “stay away from my daughter or say hello to my shot gun,” he’s kidding, I swear.