Brad Goode

Brendan Young

On the second track of his new album from Delmark, Brad Goode’s harmon-muted trumpet produces the most intimate sound I have ever heard on the instrument. His innovation in betraying the stereotype of the loud trumpeter far surpasses even Miles Davis. His tone varies however, from this reserved mode to entire passages of boisterous, growling sounds. Goode’s tone, however, is only one of the many reasons this album is so enjoyable. The rhythm is another one. In this section of the record, the piano, bass and drums interact perfectly together. This simpatico allows for each rhythm player to take great liberty in his performance. The drummer seems to discourage the mindless playing of a time feel. His musical choices are less orthodox, with unexpected fills that allow him to control the rest of the band. This disc is also worthwhile for its production values. The trumpet’s volume is very low in the mix compared to other recordings, while the remaining instruments-especially the drums-sound right up front. The title track is great, but “Thinking of You,” and Goode’s own composition, “Just a Thought,” are even better. Also, be sure not to skip the second track, “Once Upon a Summertime.”