Bus Obscura Is Coming…

Bus Obscura Is Coming...

Jason Rand

Look out kids, there is a new Colgate Cruiser coming to town. This one, however, will not be filled with the yells of sloppy drunk students on the way up the Hill at two o’clock in the morning or reek of vomit.Art & Art History Professor DeWitt Godfrey invited Simon Lee to bring his Bus Obscura to Hamilton. Lee’s art will be an “organic natural cinema,” created through the use of camera obscura.

The bus’s windows will be blacked out with vinyl panels that house 1,000 apertures.Three-fourths of the apertures will have lenses covering them and placed in front of a Plexiglas screen, two inches from the window, producing the camera obscura. “As the bus moves, you’ll see the images, but the images will be changing,” said Lee.

In addition to the visual experience, composer Colleen Burk is putting together a special Colgate soundtrack.The music and images will be combined, creating a cinematic audio-visual display as the bus travels through Hamilton.The ideal journey time is twelve to fifteen minutes, according to Godfrey.

The moving show is sponsored by the Hamilton Partnership for Community Development, and opens at the Village Green Farmer’s Market on Saturday, September 23 from 9 AM to 1 PM. From Monday, September 25 to Friday, September 29, Lee’s Bus Obscura will operate as part of the regular express Colgate Cruisers from the Parker Apartments and Townhouses that go up the Hill from 7:45 AM to noon. For all those times you’ve been blacked out on the Cruiser, redeem yourself by hopping on board a Bus Obscura to experience a cinematic blackout you’re sure to remember.