Kimmy Cunningham

I’ll admit it; I do not want everyone to see when I’ve accepted or declined a friend request. I really don’t care that my brother and Molly McCormick, a Roanoke first-year, are now friends. And I’m really not concerned about what event my best friend from fourth grade is attending on Thursday night.

As I’m sure everyone has seen, Facebook has undergone quite a bit of plastic surgery. I thought groups, walls and additional photos were enough. But apparently I was wrong.

Facebook is now equipped with blogs and News Feeds. Every time I request someone as a friend, decline a party invitation or join a group, the entire world will be notified. Soon people will be able to see when I view their profiles!

That guy I made out with at The Jug last year will know that I still look at his interests from time to time. My ex-boyfriend will know that I look at his photo albums to compare myself to his new girlfriend. My friend at Colorado University at Boulder will know I declined the invitation to her 21st birthday party!

And then I took a deep breath. I realized that I was having a minor panic attack about an online program I use to display my profile; the same profile that currently says I am engaged to my (female) friend from high school and provides an extremely close-up picture of me with a blue tongue.

Is Facebook really the only thing I have to freak out about? I mean, sure, we all have work. We all have interesting tidbits to our social lives. We all have history. The fact that a change on Facebook has been the most dismaying event of the week illustrates the fact that life could be worse.

I suggest Facebook users utilize this opportunity to take a step back. Do we really need to have four separate groups criticizing a program that made their existence possible? (Just in case you wanted to know: “Students Against the Degredation of Facebook,” “Facebook Has Gone Stalker,” “What the S#%! is going on with Facebook” and my personal favorite, “Facebook is Ruining my Life.”)

So let’s focus on some more pertinent issues. Time would be better-spent obtaining decent bands for Spring Party Weekend or ensuring that SGA maintains the promises made on the campaign trail last semester. Start reading up on Congressional candidates so you can make an educated decision when voting comes around. Buy some face paint and Colgate apparel for the first home football game. Go make out with a freshman at The Jug as a welcoming gift for all I care. Just stop talking about Facebook!