Janny Jones and Marin Cohn


Frank Fiesta

With the new array of colorful plates, bigger glasses, healthier options, fresh spices and personal chefs, Frank definitely took some personal time over the summer to find himself and has come back (aside from the long lines) new and improved. Not to mention with fresh watermelon….upgrade.

Nail Salon

A much needed addition to the happening hot spot of Hamilton, NY is the new nail salon, Hamilton Nails and Spa. Offering a variety of specialty nail services (you can add stars, stripes, fruits or palm trees to your manicure for a small fee); the salon is a great way to delay doing work. Despite the functional difficulties-the lack of d?ecor, waxing room, nail technicians and the two and a half hour wait-beauty comes at a reasonable price…”hopeful” upgrade.

Beta Beach

Looks like the Jimmy Buffet cover band used their License to Chill on Saturday night at the annual Beta Beach party. With stunning vocals, a fun atmosphere, and a whole lotta rhythm, Eclectic Collective stole the show, making Beta Beach worth the $12 to don an X and an underage bracelet. While Jimmy Buffet was still wasting away in Margaritaville, Eclectic Collective blew us away…upgrade.


The Two-Fruit Coop Confusion Even though we are happy to see new “exotic” fruits frequenting the Coop, since when does one half of a grapefruit count as two? You’d better believe that we aren’t the only ones complaining…downgrade.

Welcome Back WeekWelcome What Week? Even the free labor day BBQ at Frank was more successful than any Welcome Back activity we ever saw… downgrade.

Long LinesEveryone hates waiting in long lines, and doing so unfortunately seems to be the new trend in and around Colgate. Between the Coop mailroom, Frank, the Jug (it’s worse than ever) and Slices, our feet are getting sore. Our vote: save it for the amusement parks…downgrade.

Mariah Carey at Turning Stone Mariah Carey traveled to the popular vacation spot, Verona, NY to play at the infamously chic and classy Turning Stone Casino for an equally chic and classy upstate New York crowd… downgrade (for Mariah Carey… and for Turning Stone).