Brittany, Phone Home

Brittany Messenger

Talking to parents about college life is tough. Because a rather large sum of the family income is going towards my tuition, the least my mom expects is a daily phone call to say, “Hello,” and “Thanks for not going on vacation this year so that I can be here.”

It seems simple, right? Call Mom once a day. Like most Colgate students, I rarely ever have more than two free minutes. Between reading for class, getting tackled at rugby practice, and Facebooking for hours on end (I’ll admit this is not a totally legitimate excuse), I simply just don’t know when to call.

It’s not that I don’t miss talking to my mom on a daily basis. I really enjoyed hearing about the heinous jacket that Betty from the office wore on Tuesday and I am totally fascinated by the three-hundred-thread-count sheets she found on sale. Unfortunately, our conversations have changed from updates about her day to arguments about giving her more attention. All of a sudden, she cannot control my every move. Consequently, the usual, “Oh just hanging out with a bunch of my friends,” doesn’t cut it. Due to my physical absence, my Mom feels the need to have an extensive description of my plans.

After years of having my mom know the life stories of every single one of my friends, I’ve grown used to not having to go into much description when telling her about my life. Now that I’m 300 miles away, however, I face an endless interrogation on an almost hourly basis.

“Well, do you have any friends? What about close friends? Do you eat meals with them? What exactly do you eat? Tell me everything that you’ve eaten today. Have you met any interesting boys? Taken your vitamins? Called your grandmother? How about your brother? Did you know that Uncle Tommy’s boat is finally finished? It’s beautiful. I’ll send you pictures. Speaking of pictures, can you please send me pictures of you and your friends? No, I don’t think you’re making up that you have friends. I just want to know, honey. I’m allowed to know.”

While I understand her concern and truly miss seeing her, getting grilled via cell phone is less than enjoyable. The last time that I failed to return her call within a few hours, the seven voicemails she left me slowly escalated from, “Brittany, please call me back right now,” to, “If you do not call me back in ten minutes, I am driving up there in the morning and taking you home. Why do you think that you can avoid me?!”

I guess this whole experience has been difficult on both of us. After playing such a key role in my college search, my mom is suddenly expected to simply let me go without any idea what I’m doing (little does she know, half the time, I have barely any idea what I’m doing here.) The most I can simply do right now is answer the phone and embrace the examinations. After all, she is my Mom, who I love, cherish and need…to put more money on my Gate card.

P.S. Mom- When you read this, I’m kidding I really do love your interrogations.

P.P.S. I really do need more money on my Gate card.