Frank and Edge Cater to Students’ Ideas

Margaret Powers

To kick off a new academic year, Colgate’s two dining facilities have introduced a variety of changes, particularly in their menu options and d?ecor. Returning students will notice that at Frank Dining Hall, new signs now indicate the names of the individual stations. Students will also be using new china and drinking out of larger cups. Starting Wednesday night, Frank’s hot line will be restaurant-style; chefs will prepare entrees out front and serve them to students. “Our emphasis is on more customized meals,” Phil Sweeney said. “Students can have their meals prepared on the spot.” In addition, Colgate will introduce more vegan options. The hot line at Frank will feature a vegan meal 80-90 percent of the time. Frank Dining Hall will also offer new items in the grill area, including fresh rolls and bread baked on site, as well as more upscale desserts. To implement these changes, Frank’s production staff has increased around 40-50 percent, including several new chefs. At the Coop, there have been a few changes to the salad bar, including a salad of the week. Meals during the first month or two of the semester will focus on fresh produce; later more pasta items will return. The Coop plans to offer new items, including paninis, bruschettas, breakfast breads and new stir-fry options. The fruit line has expanded and will continue to grow, offering students the option of purchasing fresh produce at the Coop and returning later to their dorms or apartments to prepare their own salads. These changes will be incremental as the staff tries to garner feedback from students and adjust the menu as appropriate. “Right now we’re working on suggestive selling,” Chef Mike Stagnaro said. “Students will see what we’re preparing, try it and we hope they’ll like it.” Changes at the Coop and Frank Dining Hall are mostly due to food trends in the industry and staff suggestions, although student input will be very important in determining the success of these changes and carrying them further. Frank Dining Hall will be offering new promotions each month as part of a program called, “For Students By Students.”The Coop will continue to introduce new items incrementally, dependent on student input. Popular salads may be made into good-to-go meals. Will students face a money crunch if they want to purchase these new items? Not likely, especially if they are on the meal plan. Frank Dining Hall raised its door price by 3 percent and some Coop items have seen a price increase but nothing too significant. Students are encouraged to check out the new changes at the dining halls for themselves!