Letter to the Editor: Bronx Bummer

Sean Curran

I have lived in New York my entire life and I grew up as a Yankee fan. Over the summer, I’d come home from work, work out, grab a beer and then flip on the YES Network and relax as the Bronx Bombers took on whoever they were playing that night. This is not an option at Colgate. For some reason or another, it’s harder to find a Yankee broadcast at Colgate then it is to find a good meal.

I’m writing this because I just got off the phone with Time Warner Cable for the second time today. I practically begged them to let me have YES, even telling them I’d sign up for their premier sports package for the last month of school. Unfortunately, they said there was nothing they could do. YES is one of their standard channels, meaning one should just be able to plug the cable into the TV and get it at no extra charge, but Colgate, according to Time Warner, would rather have G4, the video game channel.

The video game channel? Are you serious? At a school where everyone and their brother plays either a varsity or intramural sport, Colgate opts for the Video Game Network over a sports channel?

Perhaps I’m just frustrated because I’m missing my favorite team play, but I’m running out of options. Have you ever tried to tune an AM radio inside a Parker apartment just to here John Stirling’s play by play? Don’t bother. For now, I’ll just go back to refreshing the ESPN gametracker every ten seconds like some kind of chump. Lose the video game channel, and give us New Yorkers our fix of Yankee baseball.