Athlete Profile: Brian Robinson

Larry Schweitzer

Senior Brian Robinson led the men’s lacrosse team in scoring during the regular season with 22 goals, but reaching the back of the net is nothing new to the senior attacker. The co-captain has accumulated at least 16 points in each of the last three years and this year is one of the most important offensive figures on the Raiders’ high-powered offense. While Robinson has had a number of individual achievements, the most important parts of his athletic career have been the successes of the team.

While this season isn’t over, this has been Robinson’s best year in many ways. He set a career high in goals, while the team won the Patriot League regular season title for the first time ever and tied its record for wins in a season with 11.

“So far, just some of the big games that we have won [have been my best memories], but there should be more to come,” Robinson said. “This year, we had our great game against Navy, and we have had a couple of big wins against Army in the past years. Those are some of my favorite moments because they were signs that we finally started to make some strides in the program.”

Over his collegiate career, Robinson has reached the back of the net over 50 times and had played in all but four games. He has played in every single contest since the beginning of his sophomore year, including starting every game this season. It is this stability and reliability that Robinson is proudest of individually.

“I am most proud of the fact that I made it four years,” he said. “It’s a huge commitment that requires a lot out of every player on our team and I am proud of the fact that our team was able to make such a commitment and work together for a common goal.”

While on the lacrosse field, Robinson is anything but mediocre, he is a relatively normal Colgate student when he takes of his pads. This means balancing work for classes and a social life, all while thinking about what to do once graduation day comes.

Regarding the less enjoyable stuff like schoolwork, Robinson keeps up with assignments while also putting in the effort that it takes to be a Division I athlete in a physically demanding sport.

“It’s just sort of time management to try to fit it all together,” Robinson said about balancing academics and athletics. “There is no way around it other than to make sure that you are on top of all your work and doing your assignments. I found out pretty early on that if you don’t do that it catches up with you because time is pretty limited, especially during the season.”

As for what he is doing after graduation, Robinson, who majored in political science, looks to work in the financial sphere.

“I am moving to New York City and working for a mutual fund,” he said. “I’ll probably end up doing something in finance ultimately, but I am not quite sure yet. I am just going to see how [this job] goes and then go from there. There is nothing really set in stone.”

With his college career ending, Robinson will have to deal with playing no organized lacrosse for the first time in years.

“I will always support the program here,” he said. “As far as playing, I will probably play in the summer every now and then, but I don’t really know yet. I will definitely stay in touch with some of the kids on the team and stay connected with the program and with Colgate.”