Jabberwock Struggles At Tournament

Cody Tipton

After stringing together a series of victories over the last few weeks, the Jabberwock traveled to Edinboro University to participate in the Boro Bash Tournament. Unfortunately, Colgate Ultimate failed to continue its recent success. The Jabberwock entered the tournament as the last seed in the elite men’s division, meaning they had Saturday games against area heavyweights Cornell, Syracuse, Edinboro and Rochester.

In the tournament’s first match, the Jabberwock matched Cornell’s intensity, taking a halftime lead against Big Red. That success, however, did not last, as Cornell charged back for a 13-10 victory – just the beginning of a disastrous day for the Jabberwock.

In its next contest, the Jabberwock were matched up against Syracuse. The Orange, the eventual winners of the tournament, dismissed Colgate quickly, winning by a score of 13-6. Following that game, Edinboro exploited Colgate’s poor performance against zone defenses, cruising to a 13-6 victory as well.

In the day’s final game, the Jabberwock again appeared sluggish against Rochester, trailing at the half, 3-7. In the second half, Colgate finally showed some signs of life, charging back to take an 11-10 lead. After that, however, Rochester regained its composure to put the Jabberwock away, 11-13.

Following this unfavorable performance, Colgate was bumped down to the open men’s division for the tournament’s second day. There, the Jabberwock entered the semifinals against Georgetown. Missing two starters due to injuries sustained on the first day, Colgate again fell behind early. The Jabberwock made sure that they didn’t leave Edinboro without a win, though, coming back to steal a 15-11 triumph.

The open division championship, Colgate then matched up against SUNY-Albany. Albany quickly unveiled another zone defense, which proved to be more than Colgate could handle. As a result, the Jabberwock fell quietly, 8-15.

With the first round of the college championship tournament quickly approaching, the Jabberwock now hope to use its weekend off to fix a number of issues in preparation for their most important tournament of the year.