Ho Funds Hong Kong Scholarship

Margaret Powers

Robert H. N. Ho ’56 recently announced his commitment to fund a scholarship for a Hong Kong student to attend Colgate University.

This announcement coincided with University President Rebecca Chopp’s visit to the University of Hong Kong, a part of her 10-day trip to China, where she worked to create educational partnerships with top universities there.

“We are grateful for Mr. Ho’s continued interest in helping Colgate extend its global reach and connections through this commitment and in other forms of support he has provided,” Chopp said. “This special opportunity will not only benefit the recipient but also enrich the strength and quality of our student body.”

Ho is responsible for various other donations to the university. Most recently, he donated $25 million to the construction of a new interdisciplinary science center, which is to be named after him.

He has also provided support for the Robert Hung-Ngai Ho Endowed Chair in Asian Studies, the Robert Hung-Ngai Ho Chinese Studies Center, the Robert Hung-Ngai Ho Lecture Room in Lawrence Hall and Colgate’s China Studies Group.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ho graduated from Colgate in 1956. He currently lives in West Vancouver, Canada and serves as chairman of Kyard Limited, a family company based in Hong Kong that oversees investments around the world.

The Ho family has been known for generations for its philanthropy and commitment to education.

“It’s always been in the family that, so long as we can afford it, we should contribute to society,” Ho said. “My grandmother and grandfather’s philosophy was that what we earn from society, we should give some of it back. That is our family motto.”

Ho’s interest in the support of academia encompasses not only the science, but also the study of Buddhism. In 2000, he established he Centre of Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong. He also donated $4 million to fund the new Buddhism and Contemporary Society program at the University of British Columbia.

The first scholarship funded by Ho’s donation will be awarded to a top student in Hong Kong who qualifies for financial aid towards enrollment in the Colgate class of 2011.

“Colgate provides excellent liberal arts and science education,” Ho said. “We established the scholarship to encourage the youth of Hong Kong to experience the unique education at Colgate.”