Still Loving Colgate, Seven Years Later

My byline hasn’t appeared in this newspaper for seven years.

In April 1999, I wrote my last words as editor of the Maroon-News, in the form of a column bemoaning the fact that graduation was fast approaching.

I was certain that I never would be able to replicate the amazing experiences I had at Colgate. I was horrified by the prospect of saying goodbye to my friends, my professors and even the Jug. I was in no rush to enter the real world.

Members of the Class of ’06, I’m sure you understand. If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to make the most of every minute you have left on campus. Maybe you’re taking a class that has nothing to do with your major just because it sounded interesting and, let’s face it, you probably won’t have another chance. Maybe you’re seeking out your faculty advisor not just for guidance, but because you’re genuinely interested in his philosophy on life. Maybe you’re sacrificing sleep because you cannot bear the thought of missing out on memories made when the bars close and after-hours parties begin.

Chances are you already have enough Colgate memories to last a lifetime. The good news is there will be more to come. Even though you soon must leave Hamilton, NY, you can hang on tight to all that you love about the school and its people.

For me, hanging on has meant volunteering for Colgate, regularly reuniting with the friends I was lucky enough to meet as a first-year in Curtis Hall and marking every April 6 by listening to the music of the Grateful Dead, in honor of a friend who left us way too soon.

By marrying a fellow ’99er, the guy who asked me for my phone number at Peabody’s (now, alas, a hair salon) in the middle of our senior year, I’ve ensured a connection to Colgate for the rest of my life. Shortly after our wedding, Larry and I realized that Colgate has a code for people like us: ACPL, or Alumni Couple. The university recognizes that bond every February 14 with a Valentine. (This year’s greeting featured the song “So in Love,” performed by the Colgate 13.)

Larry and I try to make it back to Colgate as often as we can. Since I joined the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors last fall, I’ve locked myself in for at least three trips a year, which is wonderful.

On those weekends, when I make time to wander around the beautiful campus and cap an evening with a drink at the Jug, I think that my 21-year-old self would be pleased to know that I’m leaving the real world behind.

At least temporarily.