Here Come the Sunglasses

Katie Zarrella

By Katie ZarrellaMaroon-News StaffYou can never be too rich or too thin, or have too many pairs of sunglasses. Different styles are essential for different scenarios; for example, the “I need to hide my hangover” glasses, the “I haven’t slept in three days because I have an obscene amount of work” glasses and the “I feel like being fabulous today” glasses, just to name a few. Rain or shine, sunglasses are an essential part of every outfit because they’re more than an accessory; they’re a statement that represents your mood and your attitude.There are no rules for the sunglasses of ’06, but as in years past, bigger is better. Some people, mainly those with a severe lack of fashion sense, may refer to them as bug eyes, but most educated stylistas recognize that massive glasses are hugely fashionable. Call it pretentious if you must, but ridiculously big sunglasses are a big deal and nothing says confidence like colossal frames. Aviators, shields, square frames and wood rims are just a few of this year’s popular sunglasses styles, so you’ll have no problem finding a pair that suits you. Rimless glasses are all the rage. Regardless of their size, these glasses look sleek on almost any face. Roberto Cavalli’s Cicno glasses will give you a smooth look that still stands out. The swirls of Cavalli’s signature crystal accented gold snake slither into the sides of the rounded rectangular frames, and the snake’s tail extends back to wrap around the glasses’ thin wire arms. Although these shades have a simple shape, the snake gives them a bite that is unmistakably Cavalli. For rimless glasses with a little less glitz, look at Gucci’s oversized rimless shields. The semi-transparent frames will envelop your face and the classic horse bit detail connecting the arms to the frames provides just a fleck of flare. These glasses are basic and just big enough to get everyone’s attention. When you’re searching for rimless shades, look for glasses that have detailing on the sides or wide, embellished arms.Although this next style often graces the faces of pilots and state troopers, Aviators are some of the chicest shades on the market. From Amelia Earheart to today’s top designers, aviators have stood the test of time. These glasses have truly taken off in the past few years; every designer brand from Lacoste to Dior has put his own spin on these timeless sunglasses. Anyone can find a pair of the traditional gold aviators, so why not soar above the rest with a pair that’s oversized or colored? Gucci may have stuck with the classic aviator shape, but you’ll be blinded by the crisp color contrast between the violet lenses and gold and white frames and arms. These shades are eye-popping and understated all at once and they’re sure to make any white or neutral outfit take flight. Dior’s oversized crocodile stamped leather Aviadior 2 glasses are anything but traditional. With thick leather rims, smooth curves and caramel colored leather, these shades are one of a kind. Unlike the common wiry aviators, Dior’s Aviadoirs are strong and substantial; however, their curves and glossy leather allow them to maintain a smooth, feminine look.Wearing shades in alternative shapes, materials and colors is a surefire way to catch someone’s eye. Dolce and Gabbana’s new metal sunglasses are deliciously obnoxious. The brown lenses on these glasses provide significant UV protection because they’re about as big as the sun. Small crystal D&G logos sit on the sides of each thin gold frame and connect to two enormous circles which then attach to the thin gold and brown arms. The sid -circles turn what would be just another pair of big sunglasses into something that is completely different from any other design, and the crystal D&G’s make these trendy shades especially elegant. Other interesting shapes include oversized butterfly lenses and large, plastic circle frames with thin arms and nose pieces.You can be earthy and edgy if you wear iWood Ecodesign’s zebrawood sunglasses. These simple glasses’ large wooden frames, blue lenses and wire rims create a look that’s natural, light and refreshing.Wearing plastic glasses in bright shades, like Oliver People’s pink Craves, is a quick way to bring some color to your face. Sunglasses in colors like red, pink and orange are a refreshing departure from the many dark and heavy styles of the season. If you’re feeling feisty, try on a pair of Christian Lacroix’s round cheetah print glasses. Lacroix’s substantially sized shades are flirty and ferocious, and the animal print will add a pop to any ordinary outfit.Sunglasses are meant to be absurd, ridiculous and even pretentious. They bring a hint of luxury to every outfit and add a touch of mystery to every glance. (How can you not love that no one knows where you’re looking?) They’re both something to hide behind and something that commands attention. Sunglasses are a glamorous accessory and they’re always necessary so run out and grab a few pairs because you can never have just one!