Konosioni Passes the Torch

Nancy Ng

Despite blustery winds and a chilling temperature on Saturday night, the Konosioni Class of 2006 managed to lead its traditional torchlight procession up the hill and around the academic quad.

At the steps of Memorial Chapel, the new members of Colgate’s most prestigious honor society were greeted by the cheers from family, friends and community members.

The inductees filed into the Chapelasan organist playedColgate’s AlmaMater,an addition to the old traditions governing the ceremony made by the Class of 2006. Once the inductees were seated on the stage, the robed veteran class entered from the opposite aisle andseated themselveson the left hand side of the stage facing the audience.

Senior Konosioni President Mary Acoymo made the opening address.

“Each one is different from the other, bringing their own unique strengths, outlooks and experiences,” Acoymo said of the new class. “They have distinguished themselves from their peers in a pool of nearly 100 applicants. Choosing this year’s group was an extremely difficult process filled with tough decisions, but the26 names that rose to the top were truly exceptional.”

Each new member has already made significant contributions to their community through their extensive involvement in a wide range of campus activities and student groups. The ceremony recognized their accomplishments in personal welcoming speeches written by members of the current class.

“Konosioni is comprised of26 of the busiest leaders on campus, so it’s a challenge to get everyone together and keep their enthusiasm up,” Acoymo said. “What I was lucky to have as president and am most proud of is how committed all of our members have stayed. It’s something that we have all consciously worked at.

“My advice to the new class is that they check in regularly on everyone’s commitment and make Konosioni a priority.”

Accompanying the honor of induction is even greater responsibility to and expectations from the community and their peers.

“By inducting the next class earlier in the semester, the current group has the opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience to the incoming group,” junior Steven Koehler said. “Hopefully, this will broaden Konosioni’s presence on campus.”

Koehler also expressed optimism about the future of Konosioni on campus.

“Knowing many former members, I’m aware that the past two years have been building years during which Konosioni has been internally restructured,” he said. “With this knowledge, I have very high hopes for the new class.”

Other members of the Colgate community stress the importance of the senior honor society, as well.

“The members of Konosioni deserve more recognition for their efforts from their peers,” sophomore Cassie Rotman said.

“The members of Konosioni are all great examples of what Colgate students should strive to be. I am glad that the Konosioni Society recognizes these students for their efforts. It is an excellent opportunity for some of Colgate’s most driven students to get together and make a serious impact on their campus.”