Letter to the Editor: Re: Frustrations with the Student Government

While we recognize that the majority of the work we do is not directly solving the “big issues” on campus, this does not mean we are not working in our capacity to impact the culture of the community. We hope that you can recognize how difficult and often impossible those issues are to tackle by a student-run organization, and how our projects and initiatives are, in fact, steps to achieving much larger goals.

We do not take on “legacy admissions and stacked scholarships” as they are simply not in our bandwidth. One might see Dr. Seuss Day, flags in Frank and thank you notes to the staff members as inconsequential. However, these are examples of initiatives that are the building blocks to better relationships with the town of Hamilton, making our international students feel at home here and paying respects to our under-appreciated staff. We recognize our limitations, but we are working to take real and tangible steps to better the lives of all current and future members of the Colgate community.

If you really do care about solving the bigger issues that Colgate has, direct your energy towards the people that make the ultimate decisions on campus. (We’ll give you a hint. It’s not us). If you truly believe what you wrote, and did not write it solely to cash in on the topical hype, show us what you got. It’s easy to bring up the issues, but it is harder to stand up and say you want to solve them, and even more difficult to actually do so. Colgate has a lot of problems, and we can assure you that the Student Government Association (SGA) cannot solve them all alone.

Jenny Lundt
SGA President

Dzenan Celjo

SGA Vice President

Abby Waxler

Chief of Staff

Dewey Wilbanks

CSLI Liaison