Shopping in a Winter Wonderland

Katie Zarrella

Sixty degrees in December? Don’t hold your breath. Pretty soon walking to class will closely resemble an arctic expedition, but just because it’s twenty below and blizzarding doesn’t mean you can slack off in the style department. If you’re going to make the effort to walk all the way to class, you might as well make yourself look presentable – throwing on any old Northface and a pair of last year’s salt-stained Uggs doesn’t cut it. The weather outside may be frightful, but the winter wear on the market this season is delightful. So write up Christmas lists and remember these must-haves for Hanukah, because this year’s coats and boots will keep you feeling warm and looking hot.

Coats this season come in all shapes and styles, but whether you’re looking for a short, down bomber jacket or a classic double-breasted tweed coat, fur (faux or not) seems to be the rule. Everyone from Ralph to Juicy is throwing soft fuzzy collars and cuffs on their coats, so look for fur trim if you want to stay cozy and cute. Juicy Couture offers an adorable black bomber jacket with a wonderfully warm faux-fur trimmed hood.

Soft and fluffy with fox-fur collar and cuffs, Nicole Miller’s very popular short black coat is flying off the racks this season. It’s a great everyday piece that will keep you toasty during your trek to class. When shopping for a short coat, look for something with a big, furry collar or hood. Coats that sit above your hips with an elastic waistband are storming stores this season, and the fact that the short, fitted cut of these coats makes your waist look tiny is an added bonus.

Short coats are always fun, but come late January you might want to look for something with length. The two biggest styles are the classic collared double-breasted coat and the delightfully warm down coat. Brands from Northface to Michael Kors have all come out with their own renditions of the ultra-warm down coat, so you can finally get rid of those huge short puffy things that for some reason were such a hit three years ago.

It’s a mystery why the bloated look was so in, but this season’s down will protect you from the snow without turning you into a marshmallow. Michael Kors’ wildly warm down coat in ivory or black is unique because it gives you a great shape with chevron quilting in the front and back and vertical quilting on the sides. This coat is a Colgate must-have since it’s topped off with a colossal collar that is perfect for the classic Colgate pop.

New this season from Northface, the Metropolis Parka will definitely close out the cold. In pinot red, brownie, white or black, this figure-fitting knee-length coat with a detachable hood is practical and oh-so-fashionable.

Ralph Lauren is pretty in possum this winter. Polo’s version of the down coat, created for the Black Label collection, is black with a removable brown fur- trimmed hood. Possibly one of the most chic down coats on the market, this subtly quilted stunner is insulating and slimming, making it a must-have for any winter wardrobe.

Double-breasted and trench-style wool coats are definitely worth a look this winter. Plaid, tweed and herringbone are the classic colors for these classy coats. BCBG’s brown tweed double-breasted coat shines bright this season with its metallic Lurex threads. The coat’s plush fur collar will cuddle your neck all the way to class, and you’ll look so sizzling that the snow might melt.

Miss Sixty puts a modern spin on a classic look with drop-waist Fae Button Coat. Tailored to a T, this grey wool coat’s exaggerated button front, chunky cuffs and notch collar will keep you looking cozy and classy.

Obviously, this season’s coats are killer, but you can’t be expected to stomp through the Colgate cold without the right boots! Once again, fur is the word and it’s sprouting up on feet everywhere. Coach’s suede and rabbit-fur Maryann boots are an ice queen’s dream!

If you slip into these boots, tiny fur pompoms will bounce against your ankles as you skip through the snow. Kate Spade’s Avalanche boots are fantastically furry and sweet with pink accents. Michael Kors’ shearling lace-up boots are rustic and ravishing over jeans or with a skirt.

Fur footwear is surely luxurious, but Uggs’ sensible and stylish boots might be the best choice for hiking up the slippery Persson steps. New styles this season include the Uptown and Cargo boots. The Uptown, in burnt olive, black or chestnut, will look luscious as they lace up your leg and the tiny pockets on the Cargo are a nice addition to the classic Ugg look.

Go shopping for the outerwear that will keep you from shivering. Just because the weather is miserable doesn’t mean that your outfit should be too, so warm up everyone’s day by wearing some of this season’s hot, cold-weather wear!