Dear Rosie

Dear Rosie, My roommate is a fantastic person.She has a very spunky and vibrant personality, which makes her a lot of fun to hang out with, but this strange side of her seems to come out when she consumes alcoholic beverages.It’s almost as if she becomes a different person. In the past six days, she has brought home a different hunk every night, and I’m really afraid she is not using protection. I have checked her medicine drawer several times and I didn’t find any type of birth control or contraception. I really do care about her, and I’m afraid her drunken debauchery is ruining her life. I think we have to help her before its too late, like before she gets pregnant. Sincerely, The Better Roomate

Dear The Better Roomate,Your roommate sounds like a great person. Her wild personality is just a magnified version of her normal “spunky and vibrant” self. I will admit, though, that it sounds as if your friend needs quite a bit of life guidance. This is where you can help out.

Start off small by placing a box of condoms in her cabinet and see what happens. If she doesn’t touch them, just straight up point them out. Your friend sounds like the kind of person who is just looking for the right man to come along at the right time. Help her out with this. I’m guessing some of the young men she brings back to the room are great guys, so suggest that she stick with one for at least a week or two. If it makes you feel any better, this sounds like a typical college girl looking for a good time. Let’s just make sure she stays safe.


Dear Rosie,I have this friend who has a problem with holding in his liquids – so to speak – when he’s drunk and passed out.I can’t lie – it’s pretty amusing, but I’m starting to worry about him. Whereas he once restricted his nocturnal urinations to the bed, he has recently started sleep/drunk-walking. In the last month, he has urinated on his desk, in a shoe and on his roommate.Right on him. What’s a friend to do?

Sincerely, Concerned

Dear Concerned,This is a common problem. Since alcohol releases a person’s inhabitations, many boys find it pleasing to pee on objects around them. It breaks the rules, which every young, drunk college kid loves to do. Just keep an eye on your friend. When you see him out of bed, coax him back in. A bedwetting alarm, which acts as a sensory device, might also be useful. As soon as it detects liquid, the mechanism will begin to vibrate and wake your friend from his drunken stupor before he urinates all over himself. Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is not only embarrassing but a hassle. Doing laundry three or four times a week will eventually become tiresome and your friend will find his own solution. Until then, look out!