Colgate Around the World

Margaret Powers

For many students, studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences Colgate offers. With the semester drawing to a close, sophomores who plan on studying abroad in their junior year have begun to decide which programs to apply for.

Colgate sponsors over 20 study groups each year and is affiliated with five other programs. The study groups are offered primarily through academic departments, although several

programs are interdisciplinary.

The organizers of each study group have begun to hold information sessions for interested students. Students can look for the dates of these meetings on the Colgate website under “Off-Campus Study” or on the portal.

If students do not find a Colgate-sponsored program they like, they have the option of participating in a program sponsored by another college or university.

This process is more complicated, as it can be difficult to find a program for which Colgate will award credit. Any courses taken through another university must be pre-approved in order to count as transfer credit. Also, students are not eligible for Colgate financial aid if they study abroad through another university.

After deciding which study abroad program to participate in, students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites and fill out an application. Applications are general, asking the student to explain why he or she wishes to study abroad and to submit references. Students may apply for more than one study group offered the same semester. Most applications for Colgate study abroad programs are due by the end of November or early December.

Students not participating in a Colgate study abroad program have different requirements. They must meet with a study abroad advisor, obtain a statement of support, fill out an academic leave of absence form and then submit an application to the program.

“I know that I was always hesitant about study abroad, hesitant to commit myself to it,” sophomore Adam Zaniewski said. “However, having begun to seriously research the options, I’m very enthusiastic.”

Students who have an interest in the study abroad program, but don’t know where to begin should start at the Office of Off-Campus Study, located in 201 McGregory. General information sessions are held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. and Friday at 4:00 p.m. These info sessions are open to any students – first-years, sophomores and juniors – who want to learn the basics of the program.