A Plea to Stop Downtown Destruction

Jessie Slenker

Some of my favorite memories of going out at Colgate havebeen madeduringthe always adventurous and exciting “walk downtown.” After we’ve made a cameo at an apartment or two and maybe enjoyed a frat party,we follow the pack of kids gallivanting towards Nichols and the Jug. It’s common to see students engaged in harmless drunken acts – running after friends or belting out song lyrics as they try to take their minds off traveling in the cold.Unfortunately, many students have now turned the walk into a path of mindless destruction

I have recently been approached by numerous store owners who have asked me to kindly relay a very important message to the student body: stopdestroying other people’s property.

It isnot adifficult ruleto understand or adhere to. When I saw a Maxwell’s worker picking up several pots of flowers that were overturned and thrown all over the sidewalk and asked her what happened,she said, “It’s the same thing every weekend.” These store owners work very hard to purchase and create storefront displays – efforts that take both time and money – and Colgate kids continue to ruin the results of their hard work.

This plea goes along the lines of an article from a few weeks ago, in which students were asked to stop pulling fire alarms at 3 o’clock in the morning. The circumstances here are similar. Of course everybody wants to have fun and go crazy and make the most of every weekend, but don’t be destructive along the way. Pulling out flowers and emptying trash on the streets and sidewalks is obnoxious, rude andimmature. Given the dicey state of town-gown relations, let’s make an effort to be respectful and have fun without hurting other people’s property.