Resist the Candy Man

Lindsey Barr

As we all know, the infamous candy-consuming holiday is fast approaching. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up in a silly costume and going to costume parties. Okay, I lied; my favorite part is definitely the candy! Everyone has their one food group that causes them constant weight trouble.

In past columns, I have expressed my love for Sour Patch kids and malt balls. That is only the beginning. It is difficult to find a candy that I don’t like. Which leads to my “candy fat.” You might have “cake fat” or “pizza fat,” but my particular vice is candy. This makes Halloween a particularly chubby time for me. The worst part about Halloween is often the rather tight clothing. Tight clothes + excess college weight = major embarrassment. What to do before Halloween night comes around and you plan to eat your weight in candy? Cut down on the sweets and excess snacks.

If you are not a candy eater, this article does not particularly pertain to you. However, Halloween is no longer just a candy-junky holiday. Every kind of dessert is made manifest during the entire month of October in brilliant orange and black colors. This is the only season where you can find every type of pumpkin product (mostly dessert-oriented food) and cookies in the shape of your favorite Halloween creatures. Candy is out of control during the month of October. The supermarkets stock extra aisles with candy for trick-or-treaters.

Now that I’ve described the delectable goodies that come around this time of year, how can you keep your figure from turning into that of a pumpkin? Self-control and moderation are key. Like always, practice portion control at meal times and try to steer clear of vending machines and the C-Store. You have to assume that Halloween night (and all the days that follow when the candy bucket is still full) will be times of excess eating. Until then I suggest that you cut down on your desserts in preparation for the sugary holiday. Instead of eating a piece of pie for dessert, go for the apple. I know it’s not the same but just think how much better you will feel if you can truly indulge in the Halloween spirit without having to worry about your weight.

For those of you who share my concern for fitting into your Halloween costume, moderation is important. This does not mean crash dieting and starvation. Most likely that will lead you to eat more and turn your mood sour. No one wants to go through school days hungry and grumpy. Instead of eating three big meals a day, try five smaller meals. This will help keep that metabolism pumping and satisfy your hunger so you do not have to reach for the popcorn and soda at 11:30 p.m.

Let’s be honest – we can’t be good all the time. So, I say, approach Halloween as you would any other holiday, a special occasion where dietary rules don’t apply!