Destruction Down the Hill

Mark Fuller

Residents of the Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) sorority house and 96 Gate on College Street woke up early Sunday morning to find furniture broken, decorations shattered and general disorder. Upon discovery, the incidents were reported to Campus Safety officers who responded and carefully documented the damage.

The sisters of the Tri Delta sorority, who have lived at their new house at 84 Broad Street for only two months, reported hearing noises late that night from their rooms but were not aware of their origin. At 4:45 a.m., chapter president senior Lauren Mondrone was awoken by a resident who had gone downstairs and seen the damage.

“Somewhere between the hours of 2:30 and 4:45 a.m. on Sunday morning our house was broken into using the French doors on our porch,” Mondrone said. “All of our living room furniture was overturned, a few things including planters and decorations were shattered, a chair was broken, and food was taken from our kitchen, some of it eaten and some of it strewn about.”

By all appearances, nothing was stolen from the house.

“Although there was an attempt to pry one of our composites off of the wall using a broken broomstick and pieces of the broken chair,” Mondrone said.

Campus Safety arrived shortly after and proceeded to interview the girls and take photographs of the damaged and disturbed areas. Although not an uncommon occurrence in Greek houses, the vandalism at Tri Delta exceeded the typical cases. Workers from Buildings and Grounds were called to assist in the clean-up process on Sunday.

In a case similar to the one that occurred at the Tri Delta house, the residence at 96 Gate was broken into early Sunday morning and vandalized in the same manner. During a similar time frame, vandals entered the 96 Gate house and vandalized the first floor area.

“Some posters were ripped down, a table was broken; nothing too big.” senior Tristan Kessler said. “It was more of an inconvenience than anything else, but annoying that someone would go out of their way to bother us. This kind of vandalism shouldn’t happen in Hamilton.”

The residents of 96Gate contacted Campus Safety, who conducted interviews and took note of the damages.

The identity of the vandals is unknown at this point. The two events, however, seem similar enough to warrant speculation about a connection. Campus Safety officials, as well as the residents themselves, hope to avoid any future incidents.

“This has not occurred before to Delta Delta Delta,” said Mondrone. “I hope we don’t have any similar occurrences in the future.”