Jazz Up your Get Up with Jewelry: Chunky Cuffs and Beads are In

Katie Zarrella

It’s an indisputable fact that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but girls have other friends too! Gold, silver and pearls are always loyal companions, and who could forget some of our favorite beaus: David Yurman, Stephen Dweck and John Hardy? Women and jewelry are a dynamic duo, but bling’s social circle expands far beyond the women who wear it; jewelry is your outfit’s accomplice and who has ever heard of a successful crime that lacked a loyal lookout? Don’t worry; the fashion police won’t be hunting you down this fall, even though the jewelry scene is so dazzling it should be illegal!

Think chunky cuffs, big beads, enormous earrings and lots of layers because more is more this season, as designers are allowing jewelry to make a strong statement in their looks. Whether you’re livening up your blouse with layered beads or framing your face with chandelier earrings, the right jewelry turns any “diamond in the rough” outfit into a gem!

It’s time to expand your necklace collection beyond your Tiffany and Co. toggle heart chain. It was a great sweet-sixteen present but now you need to wear a little more sophistication and substance around your neck. Layering is a great place to start because this versatile style is fun and flashy whether you’re going formal or casual, but be careful because pairing the wrong pieces can cause your layered look to resemble a sad shoplifting attempt.

Don’t just pile on anything you can grab. Instead, try combining varying sizes and shades of wooden beads for a relaxed bohemian look. Black, brown, red and gold are fabulous shades for the fall. Pairing large linked chains or thinner chains adorned with stones with your beads will give your layers more dimension.

Layers aren’t the only look that’s storming the jewelry world this fall. Natural, large, rough-cut stones are weighing down necks everywhere as many jewelry designers are creating necklaces with an earthy essence. Stones like turquoise, citrine and quartz are appearing on long and short necklaces alike, but if you don’t have the build of a 6’3″ Amazon supermodel, beware of long heavy necklaces as they may make you look like you’re about to topple over. For everyone out there who likes length and doesn’t look like Tyra Banks, try long, thin strands of beads or pearls.

Bracelets are bangin’ this season and they’re taking over wrists everywhere. Cuffs and bangles in all materials, shapes and sizes are essentials that can be incorporated into almost any outfit. Large, round, wood bangles look great alone or stacked up on your arm with skinny gold bracelets or square wooden bangles; however, if you’re looking to combine your bangles, don’t mix square with skinny gold. These pieces are used as accents to break up basic wooden bangles and if you mix too many different shapes and materials your arm will resemble an overcrowded department store jewelry rack.

Cuffs in gold, silver or leather are always a bold statement. Wear them solo and look for rusted golds, raised silvers and leather with metal accents. Cuffs this season are colossal and can be used to add weight, substance and flair to an ordinary outfit.

Earrings this fall are large and in charge. Chandeliers are back but instead of repeating last season’s rhinestones, this season’s earrings are dripping with duller stones in all colors. Greens, purples, dark reds and turquoises intricately woven into golds and silvers will look dazzling dangling from your ears. Drop earrings with large pearls and precious stones are perfect for a fancy night out and big, round wood earrings with gold accents will make a casual outfit look like couture.

Jewelry is a fantastic way to change your style without having to buy a new wardrobe. Your closet is screaming for the right pieces that will turn your everyday outfits into showstoppers, so ditch the Tiffany’s silver and stock up on the heavy cuffs, eye-popping earrings and not-so-ordinary necklaces that this season’s jewelry collections have to offer.