Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby

Alyssa Mayo

Sex is far from the city this week as the Colgate Activities Board (CAB) presents a weeklong series of events to address all aspects of sexual activity on campus. The week’s events confront every conceivable issue, ranging from religious concerns and sexual orientation to one-night stands and the female orgasm. The events discuss both conservative and liberal ideas of sexual activity and gender issues within sex and pregnancy.

Colgate’s Sex Week differs greatly from the fear-instilling Sex Ed curriculum of high school, as the events are just as much about having a lot of sex and enjoying it, as they are about doing it safely. In addition, much of the week is purely for entertainment.

Sex Week began on Tuesday with National Coming Out Day hosted by the Rainbow Alliance and Advocates.

The week’s entertainment includes a highly stimulating art exhibit at the Picker Gallery called Visualizing Sex, as well as a special Sex Week edition of CUTV’s Booty Call on Saturday night.

Student Theater’s One Night Stands will present a series of sexually oriented scenes and monologues tonight at the Creative Arts House.

Sunday night offers a chance to witness the fusion of comedy and valuable instruction in a session on the female orgasm at 8:00 pm in the Love Auditorium.

Sex Week will climax with the Aphrodisiac Dinner where students are invited to feast on an assortment of sensual foods including salmon, chicken curry, chocolate fondue and non-alcoholic wine.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the sexual activities of the rest of the student body at the Center for Women’s Studies during “Queer at Colgate: A Sexual Climate Survey Report,” in which the results of last year’s anonymous Sexual Climate survey were presented with information regarding the sexual preferences, orientations and lifestyles of Colgate’s students.

“I Heart Female Orgasm,” a presentation to be given by Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot of Albany, NY, is advertised as a chance to “find out what makes girls happy.” All genders are welcome to experience this couple’s comedic and educational tutorial.

Colgate Christian Fellowship held a discussion of sex as it relates to the Christian faith. Safe Zone training for those who are interested will be conducted on Sunday at the Delta Delta Delta house.

CAB is also providing free, confidential Rapid Result HIV tests organized by J. Devita.

“[The goal of sex week is to] address the entire spectrum of sexual issues on the Colgate campus,” CAB Special Events member and co-coordinator of Sex Week Karlene Aiken said.

Colgate’s sex week is a unique and eclectic approach to a diverse range of sexual topics. Many of the events are for the entertainment of Colgate’s students, while some are designed to deal with the serious questions of sexual orientation or religious ideas, but others are a chance to be safe in all of their sexual pursuits. Check out the schedules posted around campus, because with so many events to choose from, Sex Week is sure to satisfy all.