Rive Gauche Rio

Gordon Higgins

Celso Fonseca is a Brazilian music virtuoso, a composer, a producer and an instrumentalist. Fonseca began his involvement in music when he was only twelve and has been making music ever since. He has written for many Brazilian bands and has toured internationally. His music has always included jazzy Samba and Bossa Nova with amazingly layered instrumentals and soothingly sensual vocals.His latest album Rive Gauche Rio is a collection of delicate, acoustic Brazilian Bossa Nova. It’s sensual, romantic, and exotic. Every track on the album is strong with smooth transitions between songs. This amazing lounge music is so soulful and well-crafted that it affects you and mellows you out.Of exceptional quality are the tracks “Pousada” and “Atlantico.” “Delicate” is an excellent cover of Damien Rice’s original. Softer and more beautiful than the original, it is reminiscent of like Nick Drake, the British singer and songwriter best known for his soft, mellifluous music. “Pousada” has that memory-making quality with its soothing vocals; listen to this acoustic massage with a potential significant other and romance is sure to ensue. Consider it an acoustic massage.