David Hale Responds to Phony Email

David Hale '84

To the Colgate Community,

I write to express personal outrage that an e-mail letter has made the rounds within the Colgate community which mockingly displays me as the author. The phony letter attempts to find humor (I guess) using the unfortunate incident at the Palace last Saturday night. The letter frames the fight at the Palace around the University’s acquisition of the Greek-letter houses and in my opinion, is shockingly insulting to the entire Colgate community, particularly Colgate’s students of color.

To state what I hope is obvious to anyone who read the letter, I was not its author nor did I authorize it to be written. What may be less obvious to the person(s) who drafted the letter, is the unauthorized attribution of someone’s name is both unethical and cowardly. As a Colgate alumnus, former student Vice President of my Colgate Fraternity and a long-standing employee of the University, I am deeply saddened that someone opposed to the University’s plans would stoop so low as to insult everyone who is not supportive of their opinion.

David Hale ’84 Financial Vice President & Treasurer