Ford’s 2005 Mustang Convertible



Rachel Meyer

Spring has arrived in Hamilton and so have flip-flops, tans and convertibles. With summer just around the corner, Ford delivers its newly designed 2005 Mustang convertible just in time. A perfect complement to this season’s timeless loafers and retro aviators, the 2005 Ford Mustang convertible is the ideal automotive accessory for the summer. A revamped style takes this classic back to its heyday; with its new vintage look, the new convertible will make its drivers look as cool as 90210’s Brandon Walsh in his ’65 Mustang.

With its hard-top twin ranked as the best ‘muscle car’ on Car and Driver’s “10 Best” list and its sibling-on-the-way, the Shelby Cobra, being featured at auto shows, the latest convertible version of Ford’s trusty steed is stirring up a lot of noise. Ford has been successful in engineering a quieter convertible experience. One special feature which works to this end are windows which lower when a door is open and then slide up when the door is shut again to secure a tight seal when the top is up. The convertible roof is entirely lined which also helps to keep the driver and passengers insulated from road noise. With the top down, the ride is made pleasant thanks to a reconstructed windshield that is more aerodynamic and is designed with the specific goal of minimizing wind noise.

Ford may be concealing a hidden agenda in its attempts to increase quietude in the 2005 Mustang convertible. That hidden agenda may be the showcasing of this muscle car’s revving engine (now especially audible thanks to Ford’s noise reduction features), available in either a 210 horsepower V-6 or an impressive 300 horsepower V-8 GT model. Both options are available with either a standard five-speed manual transmission or an optional five-speed automatic transmission. While the top Mustang model – the GT Premium convertible – does not come with too many special interior upgrades, the added power may make it worth the extra money.

Ford’s new design scheme is a vast improvement from the last Mustang model. Far more attractive than the previous generation, this year’s steed is more akin to the original ’64 model. A retro grill with round headlights makes it reminiscent of the Mustang that started it all and the new version’s rear-end is made attractive by clean, simple lines which also contribute to the vehicle’s vintage and chic appearance. A rainbow of paint colors to choose from is also a nice perk – try “windveil blue” or “screaming yellow” if you’re looking to turn heads.

The 2005 Mustang’s old-school stylings are not exclusive to the exterior. The interior features a cool retro instrument cluster. With an “Interior Upgrade Package” available for an additional $450, drivers of the 2005 Mustang can select the backlight illumination of the speedometer, gas-meter and oil gauges from a roster of 125 colors. While this “My Color” feature is aesthetically pleasing, the extra $450 buys you strategically placed satin aluminum finishing and leather wrapping which make the interior a bit plusher but hardly luxurious. To really amplify the 2005 Mustang’s interior, drivers should invest in the “Interior Color Accent Package.”

For an additional $1,685, the package buys handsome charcoal and red leather seats, floor-mats and trim as well as bucket front seats that provide a super sporty look and a convenient 6-way power adjustable driver seat. Though a bit steep in price, the charcoal and red interior is definitely the way to go as it takes the 2005 Mustang from good-looking to striking.

Blind-spots are always a problem in convertibles, but Ford did its best to alleviate this problem in the 2005 Mustang. A large rear window with an electric defogger is helpful, but riding around with the top down is the best way to achieve optimal visibility (and optimal attention from jealous pedestrians). Comfort and styling features do not come at the expense of performance features, and a stellar steering response promotes good handling, giving this year’s Mustang a new-and-improved ride.

Though the estimated base price of $25,000 sounds reasonable, beware that with options (many of which you’ll want to have) the price will go up considerably. I virtually built one on the Ford website, loading it with all the options, and managed to get the price tag up to $35,075. Nevertheless, with its hot looks and superior power, performance and comfort, the 2005 Ford Mustang may be the perfect four-seater convertible to transport you and your friends this summer.