Club Sports Update: Ultimate Frisbee

Cody Tipton '07

For most college ultimate frisbee teams in upstate New York, Saturday and Sunday marked the culmination of the spring season. During that weekend, Colgate joined 15 other schools (as well as two B teams) in Geneva, NY for the sectional championships.

Seeded ninth, the Jabberwock (Colgate’s ultimate frisbee team) joined top seed Mothership from Queens-Kingston, the eighth-seeded Little Piggies from Rochester, the 16th-seeded Houghton Roaring Sheep, and the 17th-seeded Shake, Cornell’s B team, in pool A.

Despite beginning the game with a 3-0 lead, Colgate fell to Queens-Kingston, 13-6, in its first game of the tournament. With wins over Houghton (13-4) and Cornell B (13-6) sandwiched around a 13-8 loss to Rochester, the Jabberwock managed to hold onto its seed and advance to Sunday’s third-place bracket.

To start the second day, Colgate faced the team that eliminated them from last year’s tournament, SUNY-Buffalo. Playing its “finest game of the tournament,” according to junior captain Nicolo Giorgi, the Jabberwock advanced to the quarterfinals of the third-place bracket with a 13-8 upset win over Buffalo.

There, however, Colgate fell to SUNY-Binghamton in the only overtime game of the tournament. After failing to capitalize on a 9-5 lead, the Jabberwock could not stop Binghamton from scoring on universe point (a point where either team would win with the next score), losing a heartbreaker, 18-17.

Meanwhile, the Queens-Kingston Mothership finished the weekend undefeated, taking the first of three bids to the regional championships. Cornell lost to Queens-Kingston, 15-11, in the championship game, but the squad still earned the second regional bid.

After defeating Skidmore, 15-11, in the third-place game, Syracuse took the final bid as the only other team to finish the weekend with one loss.