The 2006 BMW M6

Rachel Meyer

Welcome to the last issue. If you think this year went by quickly, just wait until you meet the latest BMW. The German car manufacturer has churned out another head-turner with its M6 model. Though not due out until 2006, car connoisseurs have had their eye on this super-coupe for some time now. The M6’s debut at the Geneva Auto Show made it clear that the M6 will be the manifestation of all of the buzz words that get a driver excited about a car: fast, stylish (better yet, hot), luxurious, expensive and did I mention how extremely fast it is?

With an expected price tag of $100,000, the M6 is well beyond the reach of mere mortals, let alone us lowly students. Nevertheless, as we go off into the summer to take up different endeavors, some that will facilitate our futures and others that will enrich our experiences (and make us more marketable in the long-run), I will leave you with something to aspire to – the 2006 BMW M6. Hey, everyone needs a little motivation.

To examine the M6’s exterior, I recommend starting at the back. If you are fortunate enough to see one on the road, it is likely that your glimpse of it will be the back; after the M6 has passed you by that is. Quad-exhaust pipes give this BMW a particularly athletic look. They’re also nice to look at after you’ve been left in the dust. Attractive taillights and the striking “M6” badge complete the backside. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see an M6 parked on the street or stopped at a traffic light, in which case you’ll be able to admire its 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels – no further “pimping” necessary. If you do find yourself capable of really examining this vehicle, do not forget to take a glimpse at the M6’s carbon-fiber roof, designed not only for aesthetics, but also to reduce weight and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity. This BMW’s front has secondary intake openings below the trademark grill vents and Xenon headlights that help to cool the large engine and cross-drilled brakes.

The exterior is nice, but this car is not made for its onlookers. The M6 is all about what you can’t see from the outside. Under the hood lives a workhorse. Actually over 500 of them live under the hood of the M6, giving this beastly BMW’s 5.0 liter, 10-cylinder engine a brute force of more than 500 horsepower. This means top speeds of up to 155 miles per hour (lower than its potential 205 because of electronic speed limitations on the U.S. version) and a 0-60 mph time of under 4.6 seconds, putting the M6 in the company of some formidable rivals including the Porsche 911 Carrera and Mercedes CL600. A fantastic braking system makes this cheetah, I mean car, capable of stopping from a speed of 60 mph within 118 feet.

Though a veritable racecar by statistical measure, the new M6 boasts an interior that sings a different tune. Drivers and passengers of the M6 will marvel at BMW engineers’ attention to luxury and technology. The cockpit is a stunning amalgam of both the classy and the hi-tech. Handsome wood finishing is used copiously and the knobs, buttons and gearshift are sleekly designed. The instrument gauges are simple, making them both readable and good-looking. The control screen is well-situated in the center of the dash so as to be visible in the driver’s peripheral vision; this is done with the goal of causing minimal distraction to the driver.

Most impressive of all, perhaps, is the 7-speed Sequential M Gearbox (SMG) which enables the driver to select from 11 different gear-shift programs. The driver has his/her choice of an automatic or manual mode. Manual mode affords the driver the choice of shifting gears with the traditional gearshift or with wheel-mounted shift triggers. Just in case you were wondering – this is very cool.

More information on the BMW M6 will hopefully be issued in the near future. The particulars regarding colors, options and special interior features are not yet known. A convertible edition is presently in the works as well. No doubt, a drop-top M6 version will be mouth-watering. Fast, furious and mighty luxurious, the BMW M6 is definitely one to look for.

Though its hefty cost may make it unrealistic to own, it shouldn’t stop you from admiration. Visit your nearest BMW dealer to see one in the flesh or visit the all new M6 on the Internet at And maybe if you work really hard this summer, you can actually drive one someday.