Response to Racially Insensitive Facebook Group

[email protected]

Mr. Stevenson, While I must say it is somewhat flattering to see that our group has made the Maroon News, I think it is a true testament to how touchy the issue of race is on this campus and how everyone is looking to point fingers at the “students of color”. The group “Light-Skin is Evil” is a group on a inter-campus connection service. Facebook has also spawned groups hating Colgate, Popped Collars, and even Snow. Yet you have not written an article for the Maroon News proposing that everyone be less weather insensitive. I think that this semester needs to end to let some of this stuff blow over because it is obvious that everyone here is somewhat paranoid as a result of DKE’s lawsuit, FACT and the incident at the Palace. Again, the group is somewhat of an inside joke for the African-American community and was a comic response to jokes within the African-American community. Also, the fact that you have had “discussed” racial issues with Keith Brooks, who happens to be a very good friend of mine, does not mean that you have faced racism. It simply means that you have “discussed” it with Keith. I hope that this settles your issue with the group and the next time something like arises, don’t take it so personally and actually read the group description. In addition, light-skinned and white are not the same thing. It appears to me as if you are trying to relate the two. Quite simply, they are nowhere near being relative. Thank you for your time.

~Will Redmond