IM Softball Gets Ready For Upcoming Playoffs

Troy Somero

The last week of regular season play in intramural softball took place this week, further solidifying a somewhat confusing playoff picture heading into next week’s Division I and II playoffs.

After wins over Main Moon and Colgate Hockey last week, Theta Chi A emerged as the top team in League A at 3-0. With the win over Colgate Hockey and a win to start the season against Sigma Chi A, Theta Chi A needed only one win in its final two regular season games to secure the top seed in the Division I Playoffs.

While the winner of the Sigma Chi A-Colgate Hockey game will likely get the second seed in the Division I Tournament next week, the fourth seed could go to Yo Mets A. Despite being in League B, the Yo Mets A squad has started its season at 3-0. With a sweep of Sigma Chi B and Lambda Lambda Lambda this week, the Yo Mets will likely garner the fourth spot.

The remaining higher seeds in the Division I Playoffs could go to a variety of teams from League A to League C. As of Wednesday Delta Kappa Epsilon A and Main Moon both stood at 1-2 in League A, but their superior strength of schedule favors them over teams in Leagues B and C. However, League B upstarts Sigma Chi B and Lambda Lambda Lambda, which notched a win over Yo Mets A this week, could easily gain home-team status for the first-round of the playoffs.

In addition, intramural softball fans must not overlook League C, perhaps the most competitive league of the season. Beta Theta Pi and Phi Kappa Tau A both stand at 3-1 in the league at the end of the regular season, and their impressive on-field performances should be good enough for the three-man Intramural Softball Selection Committee to give them one of the top eight seeds.

The Division II playoff picture is just as murky as in Division I. At 3-1 in League D, Chico’s Bail Bonds – by way of a defeat of the 3-1 Great Colgate Ballers – is the top team in the toughest Division II league. However, the Panty Raiders finished the League E season at 5-0 and look to steal the top seed from Chico’s Bail Bonds.

Likewise, the Yo Mets Little Urban Achievers (Yo Mets LUA) moved to 4-1 in League E with a win this week and look to have all but solidified the fourth seed in the Division II Tournament in the eyes of the selection committee.

The next few seeds could go to a variety of teams. In League D Theta Chi G finished at 2-2, putting itself in good position for the fifth seed. Despite this, teams from League F such as Chemically Imbalanced and the Colgate Christian Fellowship, who both came into this week undefeated, could steal a top-eight seed from a League D or E team.

Although they may fall to a lower seed in the playoffs, teams like League D’s Diabeatings and League E’s Bishop Don West Glide have been a couple tough breaks from turning their losing seasons into storied successes. Look for these two teams to surprise some higher seeds in next week’s Division II Tournament.

Both the Division I and Division II Tournaments are scheduled to start on Monday at 4:30 p.m. on Whitnall Field. Games will continue in both divisions through Thursday, when the semifinals and championships will take place. After watching play all season, the Intramural Sports Staff likes Colgate Hockey and the Yo Mets LUA to walk away with the Division I and II crowns, respectively.