Summer Days, Short Skirts, Students Lingering In the Quad Make An Appearance

Jess Weisberger

Friday, April 1st, April fool’s day 2005. Summer hits Hamilton. The 59 degree weather is an anomaly for Hamilton, seeing how it once snowed on graduation. The sun was shining, tours were rampant, students were giddy throwing their Frisbees and other round objects around in the quad, and girls wore high cut skirts and low cut skirts. Not only did it feel like spring, but the cool breeze carried a smell of freshly cut grass and sweet smelling perfume. The sound of lawn mowers, fraternities blasting music from their lawns on Broad Street and the sticky plastic noise of your J. Crew flip-flop sinking in the unfrozen, wet mud brought hope for those who have tired of the dreary days of winter. While JJ’s Salon was booked with tanning appointments, so those pastel shaded polo’s will contrast caramel and mocha tinted skin all the better, the elliptical machines and treadmills at Huntington gym were finally vacant. The sidewalks were covered with peppy, talkative joggers, students walking with smoothies rather than hot coffees in hand and the streets flowed with open-windowed cars. Where did this come from? It was a mere 24 hours before that people walked briskly from class to class with their heads down and hands in the pockets of their North Face gear. Perhaps Mother Nature was playing an April Fool’s joke on us all. The dress code is set for such unexpected occurrences. Girls flaunt sundresses, cotton blazers, anything white or pastel and hair pulled off the shoulders in smoothly flowing ponytails. Boys shed their North Face fleeces and replace them with khaki jackets or light corduroy suede blazers, salmon seersuckers, flip flops or Berks and a football strategically placed between the elbow and their muscular side. One of the most important accessories this season: Jackie O sunglasses. There is no such thing as “too big” when shopping for sunglasses in this day and age. You’d think we were protecting a lot more than our eyes, but for the sake of fashion (and thanks to the good old method of fake n’ bake), we can afford to block the sun from our entire face. Heck, why not wear them inside? The sun was gleaming through the windows with zest on this episode of a heat wave in Hamilton. It was a miracle.But a miracle short-lived, at that. Saturday struck with disappointment, rage and confusion. The Derby Days events kicked off with blustering wind, horizontal showers and temperatures back into their comfortable realm of 20s and 30s. Was it too good to be true? Was that brief and utterly fantastic glimpse at spring weather a one-time thing, a joke or even a mistake?The weekend continued miserably. To Colgate’s students – and especially Derby Days participants – Sunday continued the negative pattern as the day commenced with the loss of a whole hour. Both time and temperatures fell at a downward slope, and through the transitive property, students’ spirits were as well.From past records, we have little hope for more days like Friday here in Hamilton, but don’t give up all optimism. The signs are hung all over with the promise of a Spring Party Weekend. Some may say last Friday was an anomaly, but judging by the upswing of the past few days, there may be hope that Mother Nature was just adjusting to things and is now truly settling in to more days of sunshine, outdoor sports and high cut skirts!