Take Advantage of Colgate’s Year-End Banquets

Steve Silversides

To The Editor:

As a Colgate alumnus and current member of the administration at Colgate, I would like to encourage all current students to take advantage of the many year-end banquets that will be hosted by various clubs and organizations on campus during the months of March and April. These functions provide a unique opportunity for members of the Colgate family to come together and acknowledge the many levels of diversity that exist in our campus community. During my years as a Colgate student, I always thought of myself as being open-minded and believed that I took full advantage of many opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone and to try something new. Despite my greatest efforts, there remains a plethora of things I never experienced and it has taken me six years in this wonderful environment to truly understand the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone to truly embrace the subtleties of life. This past Saturday, I experienced an epiphany of sorts while attending the annual South Asian Cultural Club (SACC) banquet. First, I would like to congratulate the SACC for the wonderful job it did in hosting the event. It is safe to say that everyone who braved the snow and made their way to the Hall of Presidents experienced an eye-opening and enchanting evening. The banquet itself consisted of more than the simple breaking of bread, as all attendees were treated to an incredible assortment of performances and were asked to face a number of serious social issues. Most importantly, I would like to express my enjoyment in taking part in something I doubt I would have experienced as an undergraduate as I was consumed by the things for which I had always been most passionate, namely academics and athletics. I will close by saying that despite feeling somewhat sheepish that it took me so long to realize what wonderful opportunities lay right in front of me, I will remain committed to making up for lost time. Please do not make the same mistake I did – take advantage of these opportunities while you can; you will not be disappointed.

Steve Silversides ’03 Assistant Dean of Admission