Dodgeball Makes IM Debut

Troy Somero

There is no one sport dominating the attention of the Colgate intramural scene at this time of year; therefore, a hodgepodge of athletic activity is taking place as the semester moves forward toward the start of IM softball after Spring Break.

Ice HockeyThe intramural hockey playoffs came into full swing on Sunday with three first-round games set to determine who would advance to the semifinals of each bracket.In the Division-I Tournament, a winless, fifth-seeded Theta Chi squad pulled off a minor upset by defeating fourth-seeded Delta Upsilon, 8-5.With the win, Theta Chi advanced to play the top-seeded Whalers last night, while second-seeded Sigma Chi A and third-seeded Beta Theta Pi were scheduled to meet in the other half of the bracket.In the Division-II Tournament, third-seeded Team 917 and fourth-seeded Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) advanced to the semifinals as expected.Team 917 pummeled the Frozen Ovaries into submission by a 9-0 margin, setting up a semifinal game between Team 917 and the second-seeded Panty Raiders. The two squads spilt the season series at one game apiece.Phi Delt had a relatively easy go of it over a 1-8-1 Pep Band, winning 4-2 on Sunday night. With the win, Phi Delt was scheduled to play the top-seeded Yo Mets last night.Sunday night will mark the end of the intramural hockey season with the Division-I Championship at 8:45 p.m. and the Division-II Championship at 9:45 p.m. Come down to Starr Rink and support your favorite team!

VolleyballAs the intramural volleyball season winds to a close, a look at the standings prior to Spring Break is in order to determine the teams to watch come playoff time.In League A the story of the season, as they have been for many seasons in the past, are the Ringers. The squad, composed of Colgate staff and faculty, leads the league with a perfect 6-0 record. Closely behind the Ringers at 5-1 are the Yo Mets and Theta Chi, two staples in the intramural sports program.The other staff and faculty team in League A is the Lollygaggers, who currently sit at 3-3 in the league. Phi Delt A occupies fifth place at 2-4, the Vee Ballers are in sixth at 1-5, while Staff Infection sits in last place with an 0-6 record.League B is also a tight race as the season winds down. Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) leads the league at 3-0, while the Bouncers and the Great Colgate Ballers are one game behind DKE, each at 2-1.Phi Delt B occupies fourth place in the league with one game left in the season at 1-2, while Theta Chi B is struggling at 0-5.A surprise in League C at the end of this season is the all-first-year squad Bishop Don, which finished its regular season at a perfect 5-0. After two wins this week, the Sparkling Salamanders locked up second in the league at 4-1, while the Regulators finished closely behind in third at 3-2.The Yo Mets B have had a tough go of it this season in League C, finishing play at 2-3. The team’s only two wins came against the still winless Magnum and Gamma Phi Beta squads.Leagues A and B finish regular season play on Monday, with the postseason playoffs set to begin the Monday after break.

DodgeballA brand-new intramural event took place on Sunday as Colgate held its first-ever intramural dodgeball competition. More than 18 teams entered round robin play on February 27 in Colgate’s newest intramural sport.A few teams emerged from the pack on Sunday. Each team played two matches, with the winners having to win two out of three games. DKE A, K. Crew, and Yo Mets II all finished competition at 2-0.Unlike tradition intramural sports, which see the same one or two teams emerge from the pack early in the competition, dodgeball allows teams to defeat a very talented squad or a decidedly weaker squad if the ball bounces the right way.A campus-wide tournament is scheduled for Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. at Huntington Gymnasium. Come down to see if anyone from Sigma Chi A to the Diabeatings can take home Colgate’s first-ever dodgeball crown.