New Town Houses

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I read this press release on the new town houses with some interest.

“But the residence halls aren’t just open to anyone, Mansfield said.

Students interested in living in the complex in the fall must apply for occupancy in sets of 12 to 16 fellow undergrads, with preference given to rising juniors and seniors, he explained.

Each group needs to complete a community proposal application with the Office of Residential Education that outlines two things: their interest in and vision for the living experience next year, and the contribution that they can make to the Colgate community.

Groups should specifically address scholarship and education, service and philanthropy, social life, community-building, leadership and development, and accountability, according to Mansfield. A committee of faculty, staff, and students will review the applications.”

It makes me wonder if perhaps Colgate will create dating regulations, or review the faculty and administration’s marriage and living arrangements to ensure they contribute to the colgate community and are philanthropic.

I hope to hear about the student body’s reaction to this. It will no doubt be one of unalloyed joy that the best students are yet again being properly rewarded and will be well segregated from all the naughty students who have proved incorrigible, yet will mercifully not be rewarded with having to live in the squalor of run down frat houses or off campus apartments.

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-Anders Mikkelsen ’96