Gate Gets Involved



Allison Shirley

Colgate is often characterized as a school with little diversity, but the clubs that were present at Wednesday night’s Student Involvement Fair, such as the “Space Exploration Society” and “Colgate Clay,” suggest otherwise – a student body with very diverse interests.

The fair, which was held at the O’Connor Campus Center from 7 to 8 p.m., hosted fewer groups than this fall’s involvement fair and seemed to draw a smaller crowd of people. Despite this fact, there were still many who did venture to the COOP for the fair, both to represent groups and to sign up for them.

There was certainly plenty to see and plenty going on. Interested in rugby? Politics? Religion? Maybe even … Nintendo? Then there was a group for you.

“[I went to the Involvement Fair to] meet new people, get involved and find something to do,” first year Kelly Gartside said.

Although she opted to stay away from the Nintendo Club, Gartside did find two organizations to join – Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and MAD Art, a program that unites Colgate students with elementary-schoolers one afternoon per week for arts and crafts projects.