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Styrofoam “Nothing’s Lost”

Styrofoam, the stage name of Arne van Petegem, breathes new life into an increasingly tired electro-pop scene. His fourth release on German label Morr Music features a wide array of guests, including Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie/the Postal Service fame), Anticon Collective member Alias (who lends his hip-hop talents to the opening track, “Misguided”), and American Analog Set front-man Andrew Kenney. In truth, much of the album’s diversity stems from the featured vocalists, but Styrofoam’s accompanying beats are nonetheless impressive, ranging from languid “bedroom” electronica to contemporary laptop hip-hop. All in all, “Nothing’s Lost” proves to be a very engaging listen.

[for album cover: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:wh9as35ea3rg]

Who is MF (Metal Face) Doom? He’s Daniel Dumile…and Viktor Vaughn…and King Gheedorah. If you can navigate through all his mystifying aliases, you’ll discover that he’s a truly talented hip-hop emcee and producer. Doom released his first album as Zev Love X, a member of the hip-hop group KMD on the Elektra Entertainment label in the early 1990s. After problems with the label and the death of his brother, DJ Subroc, Doom stopped recording, until he reemerged in 1999 as the masked MF Doom with the release of Operation: Doomsday. After a half dozen successful records over the past four years, he has finally released the highly anticipated MM..Food album. Some of the songs reference food, while others internet porn, such as the song “Kookies.” Most of the album’s subject matter is commonplace: friends, sucka MCs, girls, weed and hip-hop. But Doom’s unorthodox rhyme patterns, delivery and production shine through to make MM..Food another satisfying Metal Face release. You can check out his official website at www.mfdoomsite.com