In response to Jeffrey Price

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Jeffrey Price, in his editorial to the Maroon-News, writes of the brutal suppression of the Greek system. In reference to his assertion that it is typical that the Administration has had the audacity to make plans for the future in building dorms without first asking for the Fraternities’ input he is correct. This is typical of Academic institutions, whose chosen board of academic minds normally make decisions without first seeking the approval of 19-22 year old kids who are fleeting members of the community until they graduate. When Cornell University first admitted black students, they hardly sought the blessing of the KKKCC(Klu Klux Klan Club of Cornell). The Board of Trustees and the President have a duty to the University and community to pursue what is in the best long-term interests of the University. If they choose a course of action detrimental to a portion of the student body then so be it, toga parties and blood drives be damned. As for Mr. Price’s incredulity that an official group recognized by the University to represent the Fraternities would choose to denounce as level-headed a website as that, among other things, refers to the Administration as “Nannies” and belittles the validity of less traditional majors that won’t help you get a job in international banking, I can hardly blame them. As an alumni who is really ambivalent about some alleged campus culture war and tunes out his fellow alumni when they chew his ear off about it, I can say I find the website to be pretty inciteful and poorly put together, traits I would rather not be associated with but sadly am too often.As for fraternities possessing the two important traits of high GPAs and resentment of Administration there are other traits as well, for example: Greeks are, to my knowledge, the only groups on campus to be repeatedly sanctioned for hazing instances (bravo, keepers of cultural superiority, as asserted in’s a shame that so many current students feel threatened by the shift in a deliberate attempt to modify campus culture. At the same time, it’s a shame this community is arrogant enough to believe that they, not the administration and task forces assigned to study Colgate culture, know what is best for the future of the University. I know it’s more fun to cheer for the fraternities than that “crusty old Dean” but I trust the opinion of a Task Force more then I do guys who are 45, don’t work in academia, and still refer to each other by pledge names, as I’ve gathered from the blog pages of