Please circulate- violations of international law and the illegal new world order.

[email protected]

Your copy- please circulate to others for review and record keep for your files-the new world order against Americans and populations around the world. Refer toRauni Kilde’s paper,”Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics”. Dr.Kilde is the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland. Her article omits currenttechnologies (motes, nanotechnologies and other forms of “mesh”), agents andchemicals that the United States government, United Nations, European Union andAsian Commission (CHINA, HONG KONG, RUSSIA, Japan and others) are using onpopulations around the world that compromise their primary and secondary nervoussystems. I believe that people deserve to know that Big Brother is not justmonitoring their activities but wants to violate every human right endowed toevery individual (thru mind control and biological manipulation). Nationalsecurity is being used to justify the need to keep us ignorant, manipulategovernments and perpetuate NAZISM. Please record keep this correspondence. Itmight prove important. President Bush is completely rogue and is attempting toviolate every system and institution that government is founded upon. Iwould think you are deserving of criminal and civil law remedies.

Principles: Bush, Congress, Powell, Ashcroft, Tenet, Mueller, Hayden, Rumsfeld, Ridge, Goss, Roberts, McCain,Rice, European Union, Asia’s heads of state , U.N. and others

Note: Arafat’s death was due to the delinquency of the United Nations, KofiAnnan, and the U.N. Security Council. They are aware of the Bush covert terrorsystem with frequency and human rover/ voodoo doll technologies. In simpleterms, Arafat’s nervous system, immune system, brain, and even blood cells wereassaulted by U.S. military and intelligence through nanotechnologies, motes,biochemical and chemical agents, and frequency technologies- a TACTICALKILL-geared to government manipulation by the U.S., NATO, and Asian Commission.The Permanent Representatives of the United Nations (NATO/ Secret Alliance) needto resign and be replaced with ethical and lawful politicians (operatives)!Secretary General Kofi Annan is guilty of so many conspiracies. He is aninternational criminal who is intentially conspiring to commit violations ofinternational law.

Please also be advised that shool institutions such as universities are compromised with unknowing setinels and government operatives. You may want to circulate this to heads of particular departments and other universities. The abandonment of the Constitution in its purest form is a conspiracy worth disclosing… Regards, Rogelio Bautista


Rogelio Bautista 72 Van Reipen Ave. PMB 193 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Email: [email protected]

The White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NWWashington, DC 20500


Reference: Complaint against the military and intelligence community of theUnited States regarding their torture applications with classified frequency andhuman rover technologies: 1) lifelong interactive programs 2) human targeting 3)deliberate violations of the Doctrine of Command Responsibility (TORTUREapplications).

I’ve forwarded many complaints regarding my victimization with your officewithout any resolution. The situation is getting progressively worse because ofthe above referenced principles. I am aware that the NYC F.B.I. Regional Officelocated at 26 Federal Plaza, Newark F.B.I. District Office located at 1 GatewayPlaza, and others are rogue and are torturing and targeting unknowing Americanswith certain classified frequency and human rover/ voodoo doll technologies. Iam aware that my immediate family members have been targeted as well. Medicalconditions have arisen because of their covert targeting of the human primaryand secondary nervous systems. I am disgusted that our civil and constitutionalrights have been violated and am demanding the we be retrieved, the technologiesremoved and neutralized, and indemnified. Your cooperation regarding this matterwould be greatly appreciated.


Rogelio BautistaCc: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (systems neuroscience specialists)- Dr. Anthony J. Tether, Director -Dr. Robert LehenyOffice of Science and International Affairs (new world order)State Department- Intelligence and Research (new world order and worldgovernments manipulation)National Security Council- Dr. Rice (same)United NationsWorld EmbassiesRogelio Bautista/ file—————————————————————————————(Previously forwarded to the United Nations, world governments and embassies.)

NOTE: Family members are also being illegally targeted and covertly torturedbecause of the United Nations, European Union, the League of Arab States, AsianCommission, African Union, Latin Commission, and Vatican and their classifiedfrequency and human rover/ voodoo doll technologies. I am aware that their goalis to compromise every government and their populations with nanotechnologies,motes, chemical and biochemical agents that compromise their primary andsecondary nervous systems by polluting the food and water supply, environmentand covertly besieging people’s homes. They still illegally implant individualwith brain microchips and other communication devices.This has been the goal ofthe United Nations and certain rich countries for decades. It is to your bestinterests to demand scanners, emancipation technologies and neutralizing agents.The undisclosed unilateral policies against international law also entitles youto civil and criminal law remedies. The United Nations has been forwarded manynotices and complaints regarding my political enslavement and the tortureapplications without resolve. Your assistance in having my family and Iretrieved and emancipated would be greatly appreciated

(Previously forwarded to the United Nations, world governments and embassies)

10/31/04REFERENCE: The Vatican/ U.N. Secretary General Kofi A. Annan/ United Nations/NATO- (U.S. and NATO- Bush/ Blair/ Horst Kohler and others)- Putin/ Hu Jintao/Koizumi/Jordanian Royal family- (League of Arab States)/ Arroyo terror system-violations of law and the human soul with soul catcher ( brain microchips,motes. nanotechnologies/ tubings, mind control, chemical, biochemical,biological, and other classified agents) and frequency technologies. (Yourcopy)

Please circulate the following to your media and government institutions forreview. There exists a conspiracy against unknowing governments and civilians byUnited Nations Secretary General Kofi A. Annan, South Africa, Ethiopia,WestAfrica, Algeria, Iran, Rwanda, Vatican, European Union (England- Tony Blair),Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Armenia,Poland, Germany- (KOHLER), Albania, Greece and others), United States, Canada,Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Chile,, Honduras, Columbia, Honduras,Panama, Australia, Viet Nam, Thailand,Taiwan,Indonesia,Malaysia, Philippines(President Arroyo is a terrorist against unknowing Filipinos and populationsaround the world.), Japan (Junichiro Koizumi), China (Hu Jintao), Hong Kong,Russia (PUTIN), Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria India, S.Korea, N. Korea Jamaica, Bermuda and others. I am disgusted by their use ofstealth frequency technologies. I am still being tortured and violated by theUnited States daily and believe that the United Nations and Kofi A. Annan areprinciple conspirators against me and other unknowing civilians around the world( life long interactive interfaces with NATO’s supercomputers). Any and allassistance regarding my desire to be emancipated by the TERROR SYSTEM of theUnites States would be appreciated.

I would advise that individual countries forward this correspondence to othercountries for review and seek criminal and civil law to be imposed for theUnited Nations, NATO and/or individual rogue countries ( United States and othercountries within the evil conglomerate of nations comprising NATO). The leadcountries of NATO- rogue ( U.S.A., England, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil,Portugal, Cuba, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany and others) should haveemancipation technologies and neutralizing agents to uncompromise yourgovernments and your populations. NATO’s unilateral policies against mankind areunlawful. The United Nations has once again failed in protecting innocentpopulations around the world. Corruption is fostered and Kofi A. Annan shouldbe charged with violations against humanity, law and global harmony. He is acomplete failure. I can not understand why the United Nations allows NATO tokill without regard for human life- deliberate disregard of international law:Human rovers, human torture, and suicide bomber applications ( 68 killed in Iraqon 7/27/2004). Again, NATO is a disgusting conglomerate of Nations without anyconcrete rules of engagement and intentionally preys on the ignorance ofunknowing populations. There almost countless government conspiracies and theclassified status of these technologies just fosters even more conspiracies.Please respond to this correspondence.

Regards, Rogelio Bautista [email protected]

NOTE:1) The Philippines, its government, intelligence community, and militaryare using soul catching technologies to implant, rape and criminally violateunknowing Filipinos and perpetuate the meth (SHABU or BATO) or narcotics usagein the Philippines. President Arroyo is a TERRORIST against other unknowingpopulations around the world with her classified frequency technologies. 2)TheBritish government is also a major conspirator against unknowing British andother populations around the world. It is to your best interest to discloseNATO’s deliberate violations against humanity – unilateral policies withfrequency technologies! The English government, intelligence agencies andmilitary are responsible for numerous conspiracies around the world includingcompromising the United Nations, governments and royalty, war crimes, treason,bribery, biological weaponry ( HIV, Mad Cow and others), internet and serverhacking and other forms of systems infiltrations, and the death of PrincessDiana through supposedly classified technologies. Great Britain shares the samedemented satanic philosophies as the United States with its applications of thebelow mentioned frequency technologies. The Royal family, Parliament and PrimeMinister Tony Blair have no regard for the British Constitution, internationallaw or human rights. England, with its allies, is a global threat that preys onthe ignorance of unknowing people. It needs to be held accountable. 3) TheRussian/ Putin Terror System: Systematic human rover applications with unknowingRussians thru brain microchip implantations and motes technologies; a principleplayer in the tapping of other governments and populations; a lead in earthquakeand rain/ weather technologies thru frequency technologies; a maker ofbiological agents; its gov’t. is liable for treason, corruption, and systematicviolations of NATO, the United Nations and other violations of internationallaw. Others around the world are aware of this conspiracy. 4) African(Ethiopian, South African, W. African, Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, etc.) terrorismin Africa: Ethiopia is C.I.A. trained and is responsible for conspiraciesagainst Africans in the same manner as the American government conspires againstN. America and the world. Other African governments are being used as workhorses by Kofi A. Annan, the United Nations, NATO and the U.S.A… 5) SpanishTerrorism: There exists conspiracies against unknowing Spanish and otherpopulations by rogue Spanish governments such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil,Panama, Cuba, and Mexico with mind control, brain microchips, motes,nanotubings, mesh and frequency technologies. Corruption is rampid within thesegovernments and they have no regard for international law, human rights or lawin general. 6) Chinese Terrorism- Shares the same demented philosophies as theVatican, United States, England, Russia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan withdeliberate violations of international law, human rights and is responsiblewith the countries just listed for the weakening United Nations.7) The Vatican/Europe: Responsible for heresy and the weakening United Nations; illegal sexfiles, war crime files, children files, government files, and operative files.Heretics: 1a : a dissenter from established church dogma 2: one that dissentsfrom an accepted belief or doctrine of any kind- and its radicals would be todeprive it of that rare quality known as independence of mind. The Vatican isintentionally misadvising the United Nations and governments to perpetuate a newworld order with classified soul catching technologies. It is also fosteringcorruption and other forms of illegal activities. -Vatican Satanism-

I believe that the leads of the fore mentioned countries need to be removed andheld accountable for their crimes. In some cases, the death penalty or lifesentences imposed. They cripple populations and foster pretentious forms ofgovernment geared to deceit. Regards, Rogelio Bautista [email protected]

Cc: Governments around the world United Nations Rogelio Bautista/ file———————————————————————–

September 30, 2004

Rogelio Bautista 72 Van Reipen Ave. PMB 193 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Email:[email protected]

To: The Permanent Representatives to the United Nations

Reference: Complaint regarding Secretary General Kofi A. Annan, the UnitedNation, General Assembly and their authorized torture applications with rogueNATO/ Secret Alliance and its classified frequency and human rover technologies.

I’ve forwarded numerous complaints to the United Nations without resolution. Thedeliberate violations of international law, human rights and civil rights by theUnited Nations, European Union, Asian Commission, African Union and the Spanishcommunity have been forwarded to media, governments and certain human rightsgroups. Kofi A. Annan and the U.N. General Assembly has authorized the use ofnanotechnologies, microchips, motes, mind control, lifelong programs andinterfaces with supercomputers, and torture applications against me and otherpeople around the world. His hypocrisy is noted and I hope that the UnitedNations’ conspiracies will one day be known around the world. Please forward acopy of this complaint to him and members of the United Nations GeneralAssembly. I would hope that the United Nations would resolve my situation andthe torture applications against me as soon as possible.


Rogelio Bautista

Cc: Rogelio Bautista/ File Governments around the world.

NOTE: The League of Arab States is corrupt, put Iraq to be sacrificed andgeared to the fore mentioned soul catcher technologies of NATO/ Secret Alliance.Like the United Nations, it was always aware Iraq had no weapons of massdestruction and Saddam Hussein had been compromised many years ago by the UnitedStates, England, Russia, China, Jordan, Israel and others many years ago. Thesecountries are actually the principles responsible for contaminating theenvironment (air), water and food supply with biological, chemical, biochemical,nanotechnologies and other agents- not Saddam Hussein.