United States of Canada? Go Right Ahead – America Will Be Better Without You

Scott Krummey '07

I thought the insanity would stop after November 2. Or at least I hoped it would.

In the almost two weeks since the election, I have been both surprised and disappointed at the reaction to Bush’s election win. After all, Democrats are now assured of the one thing they so desperately want: George W. Bush is guaranteed to be out of the White House (in four short years). The end is in sight, right?

But obviously this is not enough for a large number of anti-Bush Americans (I hesitate to generalize that they are Democrats or liberals because such over-characterization is too common lately) who are determined to go down kicking, screaming and scratching like toddlers. And for what purpose? Because Bush won, and there is no wrong-doing or fraud allegations to whine about? Because John Kerry turned out to be the disappointment everybody suspected that he was all along? Because Kerry couldn’t even manage to win debates against W? Or is it because the majority of Americans don’t agree with them, and their ego can’t handle that?

I contend the media is partly to blame. It seems a large number of these people, could not understand why anybody voted for Bush. They literally expected the Election Day tally to read Kerry 252 million Bush 0. But if your only source of news and political ideology comes from The Daily Show, then this is understandable. After getting your politics from Comedy Central, do you turn to CSPAN for the latest sports highlights?

Next, the hypocrisy of bashing Ohio is astounding. After seeing “Re-Defeat Bush” slogans and hearing about the faults of the Electoral College for the last four years, I ask you this: if Kerry wins Ohio and Bush still wins the popular vote, would Democrats be calling Kerry an illegitimate President? And that brings us to this business of “secession.” When I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke. Well, it still is. The fact that some politicians and citizens are actually giving it credit is truly disheartening. In an article in the Washington Times, Democrats cite that red states live off the money that blue states make as a reason for secession. Excuse me, isn’t that part of the liberal model of the redistribution of wealth that Democrats want so badly in America? But I guess if they don’t share the same political views, that all changes.

My message to angry, disgruntled Kerry voters: Get over it. It was a healthy, spirited campaign – a sign of a healthy democracy. So don’t take it personally when things don’t go your way. Nobody is saying your ideas are wrong; they are just not in the majority. Nobody is saying you can’t still hold your beliefs – so quit acting like Republicans are wrong to have theirs.

Bush-haters, if this country is so terrible, go ahead and leave. Go to Canada, as you love to joke about. Seriously, nobody is stopping you. They even have social medicine! It seems that the majority of Americans are satisfied in the direction we are heading – they see it as improvement. In the meantime, all this disingenuous partisan warfare is hurting America at home and abroad. It is high time that it at least slowed down. Americans have a lot to look forward to in the future – but I am tired of this twisted dark cloud being cast over America because of selfish motives. I am tired of those who speak about the injustices of the income gaps in this country, yet now seem bent on dividing the Two Americas they speak so fervently against.

Bush-haters love to speak so pessimistically about America and the current state of affairs. I say it’s time to start walking the walk.