Cutten Closes, But Few Notice

Margaret Powers

This fall, Cutten Dining Hall was shut down for financial reasons as people were rarely using the facility. With a similar setup as Frank Dining Hall, but with fewer options, Cutten Dining Hall had been open to all students, not just the ones living in the complex. However, many people didn’t even know that the dining hall existed, and those that did either disliked the food or preferred a wider variety of items, and so on any given night, only a “handful of students” would eat there, according to the Director of Residential Education, Sue Smith. It became a waste of money to keep the facility running, so the dining hall ceased operation this August.

Currently, the kitchen space is not being used for anything. Over the summer, the eating area was carpeted so that students could still use the area for studying or socializing. The task of deciding what to do with the former dining hall space has been left up to the Cutten Community Council. Proposals have been made to turn the empty area into a study or social lounge, possibly with computer terminals. With the construction occurring in Case Library, some extra study space wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Despite the removal of a nearby dining hall, Cutten students have had little reaction to its closure. “The food was poor and thus people weren’t waiting there. I can understand why they would close it; it makes sense,” Dan Prial, a Student Senator from Cutten, commented. Because no one was eating there in the first place, few cared about the shutting down of the dining hall, and now students are looking forward to a more useful facility in its place.